Health Specialization

Interm Advisor:

Peter Koehn

Professor of Political Science

LA 348

Tel: (406)243-5294


Curtis Noonan

Associate Professor

SB 159
Tel: (406) 243-4957

ANTH 444 Culture, Health and Healing 3 cr. Offered autumn. Cross-cultural comparisons of theories and concepts and health and illness. Examination of the impact of these concepts upon health practices and treatment of disease around the world.


BIOM 227 Epidemiology of Vector-borne and Parasitic Diseases 3 cr. Offered Spring. Content: TBD.

CHTH 445 Program Planning for Community Health  3 cr. Offered Spring,  Prereq., 330 or consent of instructor. Overview of the issues, approaches, and techniques community health educators and professionals utilize in planning and implementing programs to assist communities in improving health status and reducing risky behaviors and their determinants.

HHP 236N Nutrition 3 cr. Offered autumn and spring. The principles of science as applied to current concepts and controversies in the field of human nutrition.

HS 320 American Indian Health Issues 2 cr. Offered spring. Same as HS 320. An overview of the health issues, health care delivery and payment that affect American Indians.PHAR 395 Medicinal Plants 1 cr. Offered autumn. Topics covered will include plant medicine,     ethnobotany and ethnopharmacology.

HTH 430 Health and the Mind/Body/Spirit Relationship 3 cr. Offered spring even-numbered years.  Prereq., Junior standing.  Overview of how the mind/body/spirit relationship affects health.  Examination of current research exploring how thoughts, emotions, attitudes, and beliefs influence and mediate health outcome.  Exploration of the theoretical applications of mind/body/spirit in health and healing used in contemporary society.

PSCI 227  Issues in Global Health 3 cr. Offered Spring.  The course will explore the individual, environmental, resource, and governance context of public-health policy, interventions, and outcomes and address questions of human rights and ethics, health equity and justice, regional problematics and contributors, and the concerns of vulnerable populations along with possibilities for health advocacy.


PSCI 463 Development Administration 3 cr.  Offered autumn. Prereq., junior standing or consent of instr. Study of the functions and processes of public administration in the Third World. Focus on alleviating poverty and underdevelopment. Includes project design and development planning activities.