Civic Engagement Specialization 


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Andrea Vernon

Director of Office of Civic Engagement

DHC 015



COMX 204X International and Development Communication 3 cr. Offered yearly. International Communication is concerned with information exchange across national borders while Development Communication focuses on the historical, current, and prospective role of communication in social change, improving living conditions, and enhancing life prospects-mainly in developing countries.


COMX 421 Communication in Nonprofit Organization 3 cr. Offered yearly. Prereq., COMM 230S. Focuses on issues in nonprofit organizational communication at macro and micro levels. Topics include: organizational identity, change processes, public relations, fund-raising, advocacy, socialization, stress and burnout, board management and professionalization.


COMX 451S Intercultural Communication 3 cr. Offered autumn and spring. Communication principles and processes in cross-cultural environments. Non-Western cultures are emphasized by contrasting them to Western communication norms.

EVST 487 Globalization, Justice, and the Environment 3 cr. Offered spring. Study of current trends in economic globalization and its effects on efforts to work for social justice and environmental sustainability, particularly in the Global South.  Examination of different models and theories of globalization, analysis of ethical issues raised, and assessment of alternatives proposed.


PSCI 343 Politics of Social Movements 3 cr. Offered intermittently. Prereq., junior standing or consent of instr. The role of social movements in shaping the politics of power, reflected in public policy, electoral politics, relations of class, race, and gender, and people's understanding of the world and their place in it.


PSCI 463 Development Administration 3 cr. Offered autumn. Prereq., junior standing or consent of instr. Study of the functions and processes of public administration in the Third World. Focus on alleviating poverty and underdevelopment. Includes project design and development planning activities.


PSCI 466 Nonprofit Administration and Public Service 3 cr. Offered autumn. Investigation of the aspects involved in nonprofit management and public service and the complexity of the role of nonprofit organizations in society.


PSCI 467 Advanced Nonprofit Administration 3 cr. Offered spring. Prereq., PSCI 466. In-depth exploration of the special issues related to nonprofit management including fund raising, budgeting, and program planning.


SOCI 443 Sociology of Poverty 3 cr. Offered autumn. Prereq., SOCI 101S (SOC 110S). An examination of the roots, prevalence and social characteristics of the poor. Analysis of policies intended to end poverty.