Education Specialization


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Phyllis Ngai

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Communications

LA  237



ART 314A Elementary School Art 3 cr. Offered autumn and spring. Visual art teaching methods for future elementary school teachers to include production of original works in a variety of media, methods of critique, curricular components, media management, resources and guided teaching experiences in a school setting.

CHTH 335 Overview of Health Education and Health Promotion 3 cr. Offered spring. Prereq., HHP 181. History, philosophy, and theory related to health education and health promotion. Includes the application of health promotion strategies to wellness programs and community health programs

C&I 458 Effective Academic Intervention 3 cr. Offered autumn and even summers.  Evidence-based assessment and instruction techniques in all basic academic areas.  Particular focus on general outcome and curriculum-based measures and the alignment of these assessments to interventions.  A field experience is required.


C&I 463 Advanced Positive Behavioral Supports 3 cr. Offered spring and odd-numbered summers.  In-depth study of the principles and procedures for managing problem behaviors with an emphasis on prevention and classroom management.  A field experience is required.


C&I 480 Collection Development 3 cr. Offered autumn.  Focus on building and maintaining a foundation print and non-print media collection; devising a selection policy; demonstrating media use in support of the curriculum; and compiling annotated bibliographies.


DAN 497 Methods: Teaching Movement in Schools 3 cr. Offered autumn odd-numbered years. Prereq., consent of instr. Experience in planning, observing and directing creative movement as a teaching tool in K-5.

EVST 101N Environmental Science/Service Learning 3 cr. Offered autumn.  Provides students with opportunities to use class knowledge to make a difference; helps students build all of the following: scientific literacy; skills in critical thinking, research and self-instruction; provides an understanding of the scientific basis of environmental issues, policies and laws; encourages habits of sustainable living, scientifically-informed, active participation in social decisions, and service to their community and to the earth.


LING 480 Teaching English as a Foreign Language 3 cr. Offered spring. Prereq., LING 270 or equiv. Same as ENLI 480. The application of principles of modern linguistics to the problems of teaching English as a foreign language.

LING 481 The ESL Professional 3 cr. Offered spring.  Prereq. or coreq., LING 491; prereq., LING 480 or consent of instr.  Professional development techniques for the independent language teacher: language test construction, self–critique of teaching strategies, materials development, curriculum evaluation and design, and electronic and print media resources for the language teaching professional.