Environment Specialization 


Dan Spencer

JHR 103


ENST 225 Community and Environment 3 cr. Offered autumn.  Same as SOCI 225 (SOC 225).  Exploration of the ways that communities address their environmental concerns.  Introduction of relevant social science concepts.


ENST 410 Environmental Justice in Latin America 3 cr. Offered summer.  Two week travel seminar to one or more Latin American countries to examine Latin American perspectives on environmental justice and efforts toward sustainable development within the context of the global economy and U. S. foreign policy.  Required one-credit seminar offered spring semester to provide background readings. 


ENST 487 Globalization, Justice, and the Environment 3 cr. Offered spring. Study of current trends in economic globalization and its effects on efforts to work for social justice and environmental sustainability, particularly in the Global South.  Examination of different models and theories of globalization, analysis of ethical issues raised, and assessment of alternatives proposed.


GPHY 432 The Human Role in Environmental Change 3 cr. Offered autumn even-numbered years. Prereq. upper-division or graduate standing . Same as EVST 432. A systematic examination of the ways in which the major physical systems and ecosystems of the earth have been modified by human activity, and approaches to the rehabilitation of these systems.


NRSM 170N International Environmental Change 3 cr. Offered spring. An introduction to natural and anthropogenic environmental change from ancient to contemporary times. Exploration of the historical role and importance of ecological disturbance on the development and maintenance of terrestrial ecosystems around the world. Introduction to fields of study available in the College of Forestry and Conservation.


NRSM 379 Collaboration in Natural Resources Decisions 3 cr. Offered intermittently. Same as EVST and RSCN 379. Political and social processes affecting natural resource decisions. Examination of cases of multi-party collaboration in forestry, range, and watershed management issues.


NRSM 424 Community Forestry and Conservation 3 cr. Offered spring. Same as SOCI 424 (SOC 424) and RSCN 424. A review of agroforestry, community forestry, and opportunities and constraints to the use of trees in rural development and protected areas management


NRSM 475 Sociology of Environment and Development 3 cr. Offered annually. Same as RSCN 475. Examines key social forces that influence how individuals, groups and nation-states understand and live within their bio-physical environments, especially policies and processes relating to development, corporate capitalism, globalization, culture, class and other forms of power and social relations. Pays close attention to ways both indigenous and introduced resource use and management practices (including conservation) variably impact people of different races, classes, genders, cultures and livelihood practices.