Cedar Creek Chinese


In 1995, the United States Forest Service (USFS) conducted archaeological survey and excavation in the Cedar Creek drainage of Western Montana.  They were attempting to prove the Chinese presence in two archaeological sites, and to find information on the life of that population.  Initial analysis did not illuminate much into the Chinese lives of this area, and the artifacts remained curated at the Lolo National Forest Supervisor’s Office.  During the spring of 2007, archaeologists from the University of Montana (UM) reanalyzed these artifacts, and uncovered fascinating information about the Cedar Creek Chinese population.  UM and the USFS plan to conduct additional work at these sites as part of Chris Merritt’s Doctoral Dissertation research through UM.

Download Cedar Creek Chinese Poster (pdf)
--Created by Kassy French, Univeristy of Montana

Cedar Creek Chinese Report (pdf)

Report on "Funs Trays" from China Gulch (pdf)
--Published in the Asian American Comparative Collection Newsletter, Dec. 2008


Fall of 2007

During the fall of 2007, archaeologists at the University of Montana are processing artifacts recovered from the latest excavations of Cedar Creek's Chinese features. These artifacts will be used to help illustrate the history of the Chinese in the area, and how they lived their daily lives. Archaeologists recovered an additional thousand artifacts during a three-day excavation in August of 2007. The results of these artifacts will be compiled into an excavation report, and will be incorporated into a public presentation at the Montana History Conference and at Superior, MT.














Currently, the Forest Service and the University of Montana are preparing a joint fieldwork project at Cedar Creek during the summer of 2008. This will be a Passport in Time project, with University of Montana advanced field school students, and efforts will focus on clearing brush for defensible space around the features, creating an interpretive trail and signage, and additional archaeological excavation and survey. If you are interested in joining the project please do not hesitate to contact one of the lead investigators located on the "Contact Us" page, and keep visiting the Passport in Time homepage at: www.passportintime.com

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Cedar Creek Artifact Photos