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Tully Thibeau

Tully Thibeau

Associate Professor, Dept.Chair

Fax: 406-243-4918
Email: tully.thibeau@umontana.edu
Office: Social Sciences 207
Office Hours:



  • Monday 12:10 p.m.-1:30 p.m.
  • Friday 12:10 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.

‚ÄčFALL 2015


Current Position

Associate Professor of Linguistics, ESL Supervisor


FALL 2015:  LING 472/572 Generative Syntax; LING 477 Bilingualism

PREVIOUSLY:  LING 270 Introduction to Linguistics; LING 465 Structure and History of English; LING 466 Pedagogical Grammar; LING 478 Second Language Development; LING 480 Teaching English as a Foreign Language, LING 481 The ESL Professional, LING 489 Morphology, LING 570 Graduate Seminars (Codeswitching, Childhood Bilingualism, Linearization, C-Command & Syntactic Development)

NEW - SPRING 2016:  LING 474 Historical Linguistics

Personal Summary

In this position, I teach courses in Linguistics and train instructors in teaching English to native and non-native speakers, particularly the latter.  Supporting non-native English speakers admitted to university with partial proficency is a mission.  As part of this assignment, I'm chiefly interested in using topics in Linguistics (especially development) for Content-Based language Instruction.  One consequence of this interest is identifying how language is understood by some as an object of study, either as a fact of the matter ("scientific") or a matter of interpretation ("naturalistic"):  Though presumably a philosophical dispute, the two different paths for pursuing knowledge become foundational in defining Academy for a program of study with academic purposes as its target (Bruce 2011:25).

Bruce, Ian. 2011. Theory and concepts of English for academic purposes. New York: Palgrave MacMillan


B.A. English, Arizona State University, 1988 (Honors' College Undergraduate Thesis)

M.A. Linguistics, Pennsylvania State, 1993 (Professional Paper and Comprehensive Examinations)

Ph. D. Second Language Acquisition and Teaching, University of Arizona, 1999 (Doctoral Dissertation)

Field of Study

Most Current: Language Program Administration and Pedagogy, including Linguistic Applications targeting (Non-Native) Language Learners

Selected Publications

Gong, Jiang Song, Tully J. Thibeau. 2010.  The development of Chinese classifiers by adult English speakers: a pilot study. Academic Exchange Quarterly 14(3). 34-39.

Thibeau, Tully J.  2005.  Review: Determinants of grammatical variation in English. G. Rohdenburg and B. Mondorf (Eds.), 2003, Mouton de Gruyter.  Studies in Language 29(3).  683-699.

Thibeau, Tully J. 2003.  Review: Particle verbs in English: syntax, information structure and intonation, N. Dehé, 2002, John Benjamins.  LINGUIST List 14.1078 (Friday, April 11).



  • Research Grant, University Grant Program, University of Montana, May 2003 to August 2004
  • Research Grant, University Grant Program, University of Montana, May 2002 to August 2003
  • Research Scholarship, Marshall Foundation, University of Arizona, Fall-Spring 1998-1999
  • Research Award, Dean's Graduate Assistant Teacher Course Release, College of Humanities, Spring 1998
  • Tuition Fellowship, Linguistic Society of America 1997 Summer Institute, Cornell University, June 23 to August 1, 1997

Special Recognition

  • UM Center for Teaching Excellence, Sophomore Seminar, Proposed Experimental Course, Spring 2007 (with Dr. Mizuki Miyashita)
  • Honorary Lifetime Membership, Golden Key International Honour Society, nominated October 1, 2003

Specialized Skills

  • Program Planning, English for Academic Purposes; Language Proficiency Description and Language Behavior;  Developing Assessment Instruments
  • Methods of Linguistic Analysis as well as their Application to the Language Behavior of Learners

Teaching Experience

Introductory Linguistics, Contact Linguistics (Bilingual Studies and Language Acquisition by Children and Adults), Classroom Applications targeting (English) language knowledge and usage

Professional Experience

ESL Supervisor:

Plan Program in English for Academic Purposes for in-sessional courses convened for international students whose proficiency scores submitted for admission indicate need for support