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Creating Accessible PDFs

Word 2010 - Saving a PDF

Before doing this step have you made sure that your word document is accessible?

  1. Open the word document you'd like to convert to a PDF file.
  2. Click 'File' and then 'Save As'
    File Save as screen shot in word
  3. As your 'Save as type' click the dropdown and select 'PDF'. Next click on 'Options'
    save as type menu in word
  4. On the 'Options' screen under 'Include non-printing information' check the box for 'Document structure tags for accessibility' then click ok.
    options for how to save pdf file screenshot
  5. Click 'Save'

To Test your document

  1. Open up the newly created pdf
  2. If you're using Adobe Reader X go Edit>Accessibility>Quick Check

    accessibility check using Adobe Acrobat X
  3. Is all goes well you should get the below window
    accessibility check using Adobe Acrobat X OK panel

Scanning Documents

If you have an exsisting document that you need to scan make sure that OCR (optical character recognition) software is installed with your scanner. This isnt a special type of scanner but rather a scanner that has come with the OCR software. Most scanners will create an image of the document whereas a OCR scanner will create a text document. Its pretty good at getting all the text right but marks such as highlighting, underlines, margin notes, and crinkled paper will cause some problems. Working with the cleanest possible text it the best way to go.

This document was adapted from WedAIM PDF Accessibility.

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