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The pricing information below is provided to help with the initial stages of project planning.  Grant wirters and others planning projects that require a web presence, databases, web applications, storage, or tech support are encouraged to contact Spectral Fusion Designs for written estimates based on specific needs.

Spectral Fuison Designs Pricing:

CAS Academic Units No Charge (up to 35 hours)
CAS Programs No Charge (up to 35 hours)
CAS Projects, Centers, Institutes      $30/hour
CAS Faculty and Lab Websites $30/hour
Other CAS Sponsored Websites $30/hour
UM and .edu Websites $40/hour
Non-Profit Organizations $40/hour
Programming $40/hour
Design Work $35/hour
Site Maintenanace $30/hour

Common Estimates

The estimates below are based on the minimum time required to complete projects. The final cost depends on the complexity of the website, design work required, and additional programming requested.

  • Custom Website (.org):  25-35 hours
  • Website from Template: 15-25 hours
  • Lab Website from Template:  6-10 hours
  • Online Registration Form:  2-5 hours
  • Logo Design:  $175 (Up to 5 hours.  Includes three revisions)
  • Poster Design:  3-10 hours


CAS websites and web applications developed by SFD are built in the Cascade cms, are hosted on the CAS server, and comply with current UM, CAS, and accessibility standards.  Sites not meeting these criteria are not supported by SFD. 

Site Maintenance

SFD strives to develop websites that can be maintained by departments and other users.  Contracts for maintenance are available.  Maintenance work is billed at $30/hour and includes editing and updating content (text, images, audio, video, links, and graphics) on current pages, adding new pages and minor changes to navigation, and simple modifications to applications and databases.  Maintenance contracts are available.

Web Hosting

All CAS sites are hosted on the CAS web server free of charge.  Web hosting for non-CAS sites is available for a monthly fee.

GrizTech Support:

Tiered Pricing

  • 10 hrs - $400
  • 20 hrs - $760
  • 40 hrs - $1500


$5.00/GB per year.  Please note that this storage does not include backups.  If you're looking into storage with backups, please contact us.

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