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Faculty Image Robert Saldin
Office: Liberal Arts 354
Phone: (406) 243-4418
Website: Click Here
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I am an Associate Professor of Political Science, the Director of the Project on American Democracy and Citizenship, and a Fellow in Ethics and Public Affairs at the Mansfield Center. I write and teach about American government, political development, and public policy. My first book was War, the American State, and Politics since 1898 (Cambridge University Press, 2011; paperback, 2013), and my scholarly articles have appeared in venues such as The Journal of Politics, the Journal of Policy History, and Political Research Quarterly. From 2010-2012, I was on leave at Harvard University as a Robert Wood Johnson Scholar in Health Policy Research. Previously, I was the Patrick Henry Scholar at Johns Hopkins University, a Fellow at the Miller Center of Public Affairs, and a Visiting Scholar at the University of California, Berkeley's Institute of Governmental Studies. I received my Ph.D. from the University of Virginia.


Regularly Offered Courses:

  • Introduction to American Government (PSCI 210)
  • The American Political System (PSCI 340)
  • Political Parties and Elections (PSCI 341)
  • The American Presidency (PSCI 346)
  • U.S. Congress (PSCI 347)
  • American Government Graduate Seminar (PSCI 540)

Special Offerings:

  • Presidential Inauguration Seminar (PSCI 491 in Washington, DC; Wintersession following presidential elections)
  • National Party Conventions (PSCI 491 at the Democratic National Convention and/or the Republican National Convention in presidential election years)
  • Political Regimes & Society (PSCI 191 - GLI Freshman Seminar)
  • Environmental Politics (PSCI 360), Spring 2010


Ph.D., University of Virginia, 2008

B.A., Davidson College, 2000

Professional Experience:

Fellow. Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Scholars in Health Policy Research Program. Harvard University. 2010 – 2012.

Postdoctoral Fellow. Johns Hopkins University. Patrick Henry Postdoctoral Fellowship. Department of Political Science. 2007 – 2008.

Fellow. Miller Center of Public Affairs. American Political Development Dissertation Fellowship. Governing America in a Global Era Program. 2006 – 2007.

Visiting Scholar. University of California, Berkeley. Institute of Governmental Studies. 2005 – 2007.

Selected Publications:

War, the American State, and Politics since 1898 (Cambridge University Press, 2011; paperback 2013).

“What War’s Good For: Minority Rights Expansions in American Political Development” in New Directions in American Politics, Raymond La Raja, editor (Routledge, 2013).

Strange Bedfellows: War and Minority Rights,” World Affairs (March/April 2011).

William McKinley and the Rhetorical Presidency,” Presidential Studies Quarterly 41:1 (2011).

"Healthcare Reform: A Prescription for the 2010 Republican Landslide?The Forum 8:4 (2010).

"Foreign Affairs and Party Ideology: The Case of Democrats and World War II," Journal of Policy History 22:4 (2010).

"World War I and the 'System of 1896,'" Journal of Politics 72:3 (2010).

"Foreign Affairs and the 2008 Election," The Forum 6:4 (2008).