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Faculty Image Jeffrey Good
Office: Health Sciences 308
Phone: (406) 243-5771
Website: Click Here


Field Of Study:

Mammalian Evolutionary Genetics and Genomics


Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, NSF International Postdoctoral Fellow, 2008-2009
University of Arizona, Ph.D., Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, 2007
University of Idaho, M.S., Biology, 2002
University of Idaho, B.S., Zoology, 1999

Selected Publications:

Briggs, A. W., Good, J. M., Green, R. E., Krause, J., Maricic, T., Stenzel, U., Lalueza-Fox, C., Rudan, P., Brajkovic, D., Kucan, Z, Gusic, I., Schmitz, R., Doronichev, V. B., Golovanova, L. V., Rasilla, M., Fortea, J., Rosas, A., and Pääbo, S. 2009. Targeted retrieval and analysis of five Neandertal mtDNA genomes. Science, 325: 318-321

Good, J. M., Dean, M. D., and Nachman, M. W. 2008. A complex genetic basis to X-linked hybrid male sterility between two species of house mice. Genetics, 179: 2213-2228. 

Good, J. M., Handel, M. A., and Nachman, M. W. 2008. Asymmetry and polymorphism of hybrid male sterility during the early stages of speciation in house mice. Evolution, 62: 50-65.

Good, J. M., Hird, S., Reid, N., Demboski, J. R., Steppan, S. J., Martin-Nims, T. R., and Sullivan, J.  2008. Ancient hybridization and mitochondrial capture between two species of chipmunks.  Molecular Ecology, 17:1313-1327.

Dean, M. D., Good, J. M., and Nachman, M. W. 2008. Adaptive evolution of proteins secreted during sperm maturation: an analysis of the mouse epididymal transcriptome. Molecular Biology and Evolution, 25: 383-392. 

Good, J. M., Hayden, C. A., and Wheeler, T. J. 2006. Adaptive protein evolution and regulatory divergence in Drosophila. Molecular Biology and Evolution, 23:1101-1103.

Saunders, M. A., Good, J. M., Lawrence, E. C., Ferrel, R. E., Li, W-H., and Nachman, M. W. 2006. Human adaptive evolution at Myostatin, a regulator of muscle growth.  American Journal of Human Genetics, 79:1089-1097.

Good, J. M., Ross, C. L., and Markow, T. A. 2006. Multiple paternity in wild-caught Drosophila mojavensis.  Molecular Ecology, 15:2253-2260.

Good, J. M. and Nachman, M. W. 2005. Rates of protein evolution are positively correlated with timing of expression during mouse spermatogenesis. Molecular Biology and Evolution 22:1044-1052.

Good, J. M., Demboski, J. R., Nagorsen, D., and Sullivan, J. 2003. Phylogeography and introgressive hybridization: chipmunks (genus Tamias) in the northern Rocky Mountains. Evolution, 57:1900-1916.

Good, J. M. and Sullivan, J. 2001. Phylogeography of the red-tailed chipmunk (Tamias ruficaudus), a northern Rocky Mountain endemic. Molecular Ecology, 10:2683-2696.