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Faculty Image Brad Halfpap
Office: Room 121 CHCB
Phone: 406-243-6237


Current Position:

Associate Professor ( adjunct )


Spring 2014

Physics 207

Physics 208

Physics 320


M.S. Curriculum and Instruction                    

University of Wisconsin – Madison                             May 2005

Ph.D. Physics

Arizona State University                                             December 1987

M.S. Physics

Kansas State University                                              August 1981

B.S. Nuclear Engineering

Kansas State University                                              May 1979

Professional Experience:

Adjunct Associate Professor of Physics

     University of Montana – Missoula                               August 2005 – present

Project Assistant

     Wisconsin Center for Education Research                  August 2003 – May 2005

Visiting Faculty

     Department of Physics – U.W. Madison                     Summer 2003

Associate Professor of Physics

     Ripon College                                                              September 1995–May 2003

Assistant Professor of Physics

     Ripon College                                                              September 1989–August 1995

Visiting Research Associate – Physics Dept.

     Arizona State University                                             October 1987 – July 1989

Other Publications:

Derry, S.., Hmelo-Silver, C., Feltovich, J., Nagarajan, A., Chernobilsky, E., Halfpap, B., Making a Mesh of It: A STELLAR Approach to Teacher Professional Development, to be presented at the Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL) conference and to appear in the conference proceedings, Taipei, Taiwan, June 2005.

Steve Blau and Brad Halfpap, What is the third law of thermodynamics trying to tell us? , American Journal of Physics 64, 13 (1996)

Steve Blau and Brad Halfpap, Snell's law in quantum mechanics, American Journal of Physics 63, 583 (1995)

Kamitakahara WA, Cappelletti RL, Boolchand P, Halfpap B, Gompf F, Neumann DA, Mutka H, Vibrational densities of states and network rigidity in chalcogenide glasses, Physical Review B 44 (1): 94-100  (1991)

Love SP, Sievers AJ, Halfpap BL, Lindsay SM, Effects of network topology on low-temperature relaxation in GE-AS-SE glasses, as probed by persistent infrared spectral hole burning, Physical Review Letters 65 (14): 1792-1795  (1990)

Tatsumisago M, Halfpap BL, Green JL, Lindsay SM, Angell CA, Fragility of Ge-As-Se glass-forming liquids in relation to rigidity percolation, and the Kauzmann paradox, Physical Review Letters 64 (13): 1549-1552  (1990)

Halfpap BL and Lindsay SM, Rigidity percolation in the Germanium-Arsenic-Selenium alloy system, Physical Review Letters 57 (7): 847-849  (1986)

Halfpap BL and Sorensen CM, The viscosity of supercooled aqueous-solutions of ethanol and hydrazine, Journal of Chemical Physics 77 (1): 466-471  (1982)