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Faculty Image Darshan S. Kang



Professor Kang has worked for many years in the field of natural resources conservation in India before immigrating to the United States. His main focus of research and field implementation was problems of soil and water resource management, and flood control.

Naturally, Professor Kang's regional geography interest is still in South Asia, but his systematic approach has been directed more towards the area of environmental implications of agricultural and industrial development in India. Problems of over-population, food-shortages and faulty land use practices in third world countries are his other research interests.

Another area of Professor Kang's academic pursuit is education of geography teachers for Montana schools. He regularly offers introductory and seminar courses in which he covers modern techniques of teaching geography. He is exceedingly committed to the promotion of geographic literacy among both school children and adults.

Field Of Study:

Water Resources, Meteorology,
South Asia, Field Techniques,
and Quantitative Methods


Geog 242-South Asia/Land & People,
Geog 269-Middle East, Geog 281-Geography for Teachers,
Geog 330-Meteorology,
Geog 385-Field Techniques,
Geog 386-Quantitative Techniques,
Geog 435-Water Resources,
Geog 481-Seminar in Teaching Geography,
Geog 597-Research Methods


Ph.D., University of Nebraska, 1975
M.A., University of Punjab, 1952
B.Sc. (Honors), University of Punjab, 1949

Teaching Experience:


Specialized Skills:

Quantitative, field & teaching methods, South Asia