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Faculty Image Bradley Naranch
Office: LA 264
Phone: (406) 243-6491


Current Position:

Visiting Assistant Professor of History


Bradley Naranch joined the UofM History Department in September 2011, having recently held a postdoctoral fellowship at Stanford University and, prior to that, taught as a visiting assistant professor at the College of William and Mary. He is a specialist in the history of nineteenth-century Germany, including its former overseas colonies, and is interested more generally in approaches to modern Central Europe that place its continental histories within larger global contexts. While at the University of Montana, he hopes to complete work on a book-length manuscript for Oxford University Press that revises conventional histories of German national unification by incorporating lesser-known stories of overseas expansion, exploration, and empire building from the 1830s to the early twentieth century.

Field Of Study:

Modern Europe; transnational/global/international (TGI).


Spring 2015

Darwin and his World (History of Science)

Modern Germany, 1806-Present


A former high school soccer player and middle-distance runner, I now prefer outdoor activities that require considerably less coaching, preparation, and training. This has sometimes included rather amatuerish efforts at cross-country skiing (in the Berkshires) and nearly disasterous bouts of poorly-equipped mountaineering (in the Alps and Carpathians). Now they tend to take the safer and more sensible form of day-length hikes in the surrounding woodlands, wetlands, mountain ranges, beaches, riparian corridors, and urban spaces in which I happen to find myself. I have taken students on tours of the Gates of thew Mountains near Helena, MT and to Lolo Pass (in winter) to experience the Lewis and Clark trail.


PhD, Johns Hopkins University, 2007
MA, Johns Hopkins University, 1998
BA, Williams College, 1996

Teaching Experience:

2008-2011: Andrew W. Mellon postdoctoral fellow in the humanities, Stanford University

2007-2008: visiting assistant professor of history, the College of William and Mary

Other Publications:

German Colonialism in a Global Age, co-edited with Geoff Eley (Duke University Press, 2014).