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Faculty Image Art Woods
Office: BioResearch Labs 005
Phone: (406) 243-5234
Website: Click Here


Office Hours:

Monday and Friday 1 - 2 pm , in BRL005

Research Interests:

Physiological ecology of insects

Physiology and evolution of oxygen-water tradeoffs in insect eggs

Structure and respiratory function of invertebrate egg masses

Conservation physiology of salamanders


PhD, Zoology, University of Washington (1998)
BS, Biology, Stanford University (1991)

Selected Publications:

Woods, HA & AL Moran (2008). Temperature-oxygen interactions in Antarctic nudibranch egg masses. Journal of Experimental Biology 211, 798 - 804.

Woods, HA & AL Moran (2008) Oxygen profiles in egg masses predicted from a diffusion-reaction model. Journal of Experimental Biology 211, 790 - 797.

Woods, HA & Podolsky (2007). Photosynthesis drives oxygen levels in macrophyte-associated gastropod egg masses. Biological Bulletin 213, 88 - 94.

Moran, AL & HA Woods (2007) Oxygen in egg masses: interactive effects of temperature, age, and egg-mass morphology on oxygen supply to embryos. Journal of Experimental Biology 210, 722 - 731.

Woods HA & RT Bonnecaze (2006). Insect eggs at a transition between reaction and diffusion limitation: temperature, oxygen, and water. Journal of Theoretical Biology 243, 483–492.

Zrubek, B & HA Woods (2006). Insect eggs exert rapid control over an oxygen-water tradeoff. Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 273, 831–834. (doi:10.1098/rspb.2005.3374)

Woods HA, RT Bonnecaze, B Zrubek (2005) Oxygen and water flux across eggshells of Manduca sexta. Journal of Experimental Biology 208, 1297-1308.

Woods, HA and RI Hill (2004) Temperature-dependent oxygen limitation in insect eggs. Journal of Experimental Biology, 207, 2267 - 2276.

Woods, HA, W Makino, J Cotner, S Hobbie, JF Harrison, K Acharya, and JJ Elser (2003) Temperature and the chemical composition of poikilothermic organisms. Functional Ecology 17, 237-245.

Woods, HA and JF Harrison (2002) Interpreting rejections of the beneficial acclimation hypothesis: when is physiological plasticity adaptive? Evolution 56, 1863 – 1866.

Frazier, MR, HA Woods, JF Harrison (2001) Interactive effects of rearing temperature and oxygen on the development of Drosophila melanogaster. Physiological and Biochemical Zoology 74, 641-650.

Woods, HA (1999) Egg-mass size and cell size: effects of temperature on oxygen distribution. American Zoologist 39, 244-252.