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Helena Hoas,

Location: Corbin 343

Phone: (406) 243-5775

Research Interests

My research interests include healthcare ethics in the rural environment. Twelve years of research pursuing those interests include empirical studies that span a wide variety of topics.  These include ethical decisionmaking among rural healthcare providers and patients, patient safety, environmental ethics and decisionmaking, and research ethics.

Selected Publications

Selected Publications

Cook, A., Hoas, H., Guttmannova, K. & Joyner, J. (2004). An error by any other name.  American Journal of Nursing 104(6):32-44.

Cook, A. & Hoas, H. (2004).  You have to see errors to fix them.  Modern Healthcare. December 6, p22

Cook, A, Hoas, H. & Kennedy, J.  (2005). R.Ph.s’. take on patient safety: They’re caught in the middle. Drug Topics, a publication of Advanstar Medical Economics (July 25):6-8.

Cook, A., & Hoas, H.  (2006). Re-framing the question: A commentary on rural bioethics.  American Journal of Bioethics, 6(2):51-53.

Cook, A., & Hoas, H. (2007). Hide and seek: The elusive rural psychiatrist. Academic Psychiatry, 31(6) 419-422.

Cook, A., & Hoas, H.  (2008). Ethics and rural healthcare: What really happens, what might help?   American Journal of Bioethics 8(4):52-56.

Cook, A., & Hoas, H.  (2008). Revisiting ethics and rural healthcare: What really happens, what might help?   American Journal of Bioethics. In Focus, June. Available at:

Cook, A., & Hoas, H. (2008). The landscape of asbestos: Libby and Beyond. International Journal of Risk Research. 12(1);105-113.


Cook, A., Hoas, H., Guttmannova, K. (2005). From here to there: Lessons from an integrative patient safety project in rural healthcare settings.  In (Kerm Henriksen, James B. Battles, Eric Marks, and David I. Lewin, Eds.).  Advances in Patient Safety:  From Research to Implementation, 1: 381-90.  Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.

Cook, A. & Hoas, H. (2006).  From good intentions to good actions: A patient safety manual for rural healthcare settings.  Available at:

Cook, A. & Hoas, H. (2006). Ethics: A bridge for Communities and Scientists – A curriculum for community education and outreach. Available at:

Cook, A. & Hoas, H. (2008). Healthcare in rural communities: Ethics, errors and where we go from here. In: Craig M. Klugman and Pamela M. Dalinis, (eds). Ethical Issues in Rural Health Care. Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press.

Cook, A & Hoas H. (2009). Ethics conflicts in rural communities; Recognizing and disclosing medical errors. In William Nelson (ed) Handbook for Rural Healthcare Ethics. Hanover, NH:Trustrees of Dartmouth College.  Available at:

International Experience

I was born, raised, and educated in Sweden, but moved to the US in the early 1970s.  I continue my contacts in Sweden and visit frequently.  In 2008 I received an Erasmus Mundus visiting scholarship to the MPH program at the University of Linköping, Sweden. Almost all of the students admitted to this program were from countries all over the world. Many came from third world countries in Africa and South America.


Other Publications

Cook, A., & Hoas, H. (June 1999). Are healthcare ethics committees necessary in rural hospitals?  Healthcare Ethics Committee Forum, 11, 2, 134-39.

Cook, A, Hoas, H. and Guttmannova, K. (2000).  A description of bioethics activities in rural hospitals Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics 9, 2:230-238.

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Cook, A., Hoas, H. & Guttmannova, K. (2003). Not by technology alone: Optimizing a process for patient safety.  Biomedical Instrumentation and Technology, 37(2):128-13-130.