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Mike O'Conner, Lecturer, Undergraduate Advisor

Location: Social Science 401
Hours: Office hours for Spring 2008: 11-12 WF and 3-4 MWF. You are encouraged to make an appointment for other times: the hours between 10 and 4 seem to work best. (Contact him directly, or call the CS Dept office, to make an appointment.) Also, drop-in's are welcome: just allow for the possibility that Mike may be too busy to talk with you at that time.

Phone: 406-243-2217


Mike O'Conner has been in school in every decade of his life. His first degree was Physics (1971) at U of M, followed by work in the construction industry and later in sales. He interrupted his blue collar career to return to school in the mid 70' to work on a Master's in Physics, but married before completing the degree. He returned to U of M in 1989 to earn a B.S. and M.S. in computer science. He is very pleased to be a Lecturer and Undergraduate Advisor for the Computer Science Department!


Mike enjoys T'ai Chi (Missoula Academy of T'ai Chi Ch'uan), science fiction and fantasy (Foundation Trilogy, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and the like), and reading about topics in Math (especially puzzles) and science in general. His bookshelf also contains books on such diverse topics as Icelandic legends, a history of Poland, an overview of Chinese medicine, and world religions.


Mike teaches Fundamentals of Computer Science I and II (CS 131 and CS 132), the starting courses for a CS major, in both Fall and Spring semesters. He also teaches Careers in Computer Science (CS 121) in Fall Semester. Also, he is usually the first one to contact regarding an internship or independent study.