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Faculty Image John McCutcheon
Office: Health Sciences 304A
Phone: (406) 243-6071
Website: Click Here



B.S., Biochemistry, University of Wisconsin—Madison, 1996

M.S., Human Genetics, University of Utah, 2000

Ph.D., Computational Biology, Washington University in St. Louis, 2006

Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Arizona, 2006-2010

Other Publications:

Bennett GM, McCutcheon JP, McDonald BR, Romanovicz D, Moran NA. 2014. Differential genome evolution between companion symbionts in an insect-bacteria symbiosis. mBio, in press. 

Van Leuven JT, Meister RC, Simon C, McCutcheon JP. 2014. Sympatric speciation in a bacterial endosymbiont results in two genomes with the functionality of one. Cell, in press. 

McCutcheon JP and Keeling, PJ. 2014. Endosymbiosis: protein targeting further erodes the organelle/symbiont distinction. Current Biology 24: R654–R655.

Duncan RP, Husnik F, Van Leuven JT, Gilbert D, Davalos, L, McCutcheon JP, Wilson ACC. 2013. Dynamic recruitment of amino acid transporters to the insect-symbiont interface. Molecular Ecology 23: 1608–1623.

McCutcheon JP. 2013. Genome evolution: a bacterium with a Napoleon complex. Current Biology 23: R657–R659.

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Van Leuven JT and McCutcheon JP. 2012. An AT mutational bias in the tiny GC-rich endosymbiont genome of HodgkiniaGenome Biology and Evolution 4: 24-27.

McCutcheon JP and Moran NA. 2012. Extreme genome reduction in symbiotic bacteria. Nature Reviews Microbiology 10: 13-26.

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