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Faculty Image Daisy Rooks
Office: Social Science 319
Phone: 406-243-2852


Current Position:

Assistant Professor

Office Hours:

Mondays: 2:00-3 PM, Wednesdays: 3:00-5 PM; & by appointment

Field Of Study:

Labor and labor movements, social movements and collective action, sociology of education and sociology of work.


Fall Semester

SOCI 220: Race, Gender and Class

SOCI 325: Sociology of Work

Spring Semester

SOCI 325: Social Stratification

SOCI 442: Inequality and Social Justice Service-Learning: Hunger and Homelessness

SOCI 561: Qualitative Methods


Selected Publications:

Rooks, Daisy and Celia Winkler. 2012. “Learning Interdisciplinarity: Service Learning and the Promise of Interdisciplinary Teaching.” Teaching Sociology. 40(1): 2-20.

Other Publications:

Manuscripts Under Review

Rooks, Daisy and Carolina Bank-Munoz. “Brilliant, Bored or Badly-Behaved?: Racial-Class Projects in Media Coverage of the Charter School Debate.”  Under review at Teachers College Record.

Rooks, Daisy and Robert A. Penney. “Becoming a ‘Pusher’: Leadership and Personal Transformation During Union Recognition Campaigns.” Under review at Labor Studies Journal.

Rooks, Daisy and Robert A. Penney. “Organizing Consent: ‘Outsiders,’ Mezzo Leadership and Union Recognition Campaigns.” Under review at Industrial and Labor Relations Review.

Book Manuscript in Progress

Venture Activism: Social Entrepreneurship, Institutional Change and the Future of Social Movements in the U.S. Book manuscript in progress.