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Faculty Image Beth Covitt
Office: JRH 017
Phone: (406) 243-4660


Field Of Study:

Citizenship Education, Environmental Education, Environmental Education Program Evaluation, Environmental Science Literacy, K-12 Teacher Professional Development, Learning Progressions, Science Education, Water Education

Research Interests:

Reasoning Tools for Understanding Water Systems, NSF Discovery Research K-12 Grant - This project builds on current learning progression research to study the effects of teaching Tools for Reasoning on development of middle school students' capacities to understand the Earth's hydrologic systems. The project applies a design-based research approach using iterative cycles of Tool design/revision, teacher workshops, and small-scale pilot tests of Tools through classroom experiments with teachers and students in Montana and Arizona.

Culturally Relevant Ecology, Learning Progressions and Environmental Literacy - This project extends across the country, bringing together researchers, K-12 teachers, and students associated with four Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) sites and 22 schools/districts that are geographically and culturally diverse. Work involves development of learning progressions for environmental science literacy in areas of water, carbon, biodiversity, and environmental science citizenship. We are developing curriculum materials and engaging in professional development with teachers, providing opportunities for teachers to use teaching units developed based on research concerning how students understand the material world.  

Big Sky Science Partnership - The Big Sky Science Partnership (BSSP) partners K-8 Schools, Tribal Communities and Institutions of Higher Education to strengthen elementary science education in Montana. The BSSP professional learning community consists of teachers from the Flathead, Northern Cheyenne, and Crow Reservation and Missoula area K-8 schools; and Science and Science Education faculty from the Salish Kootenai College, the University of Montana and Montana State University. The overarching goal of the Big Sky Science Partnership (BSSP) is to increase science achievement of Montana American Indian students in grades 3-8 through teacher professional development in science and culture content and pedagogy, and through teacher leadership development.


PhD: University of Michigan, School of Natural Resources & Environment

Selected Publications:

Gunckel, K.L., Covitt, B.A., Salinas, I., & Anderson, C.W. 2012. A learning progression for water in socio-ecological systems. Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 49(7), 843-868.

Gunckel, K. L., Mohan, L., Covitt, B. A., & Anderson, C. W. 2012. Addressing challenges in developing learning progressions for environmental science literacy. In A. Alonzo & A. W. Gotwals (Eds.), Learning Progressions in Science. Boston, MA: Sense Publishers.

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