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Faculty Image Jackson Bunch
Office: Social Sciences 305
Phone: 406-243-5863
Fax: 406-243-5951
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Current Position:

Assistant Professor


Dr. Jackson Bunch has been at the University of Montana since 2013. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Georgia with a specialization in Crime, Law, and Deviance. His research focuses on the causes and consequences of victimization, a topic that he has explored from many different perspectives. He has examined how lifestyles influence victimization risk and how victimization, in turn, affects lifestyles. He has also explored the emotional impact of crime, examining how victimization influences fear of crime. Recently, he has studied the relationship between criminal activity and victimization risk, focusing on how offending and victimization influence one another over time. Currently, he is researching the ways in which the experience of different forms of criminal victimization affects future victimization risk. Recent reports of his research appear in Criminal Justice and Behavior, Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice, and Crime and Delinquency.

Dr. Bunch is a member of the Criminology Research Group (CRG) in the Social Sciences Research Laboratory at the University of Montana. Along with Dr. Dusten Hollist, Dr. Bunch is leading several ongoing research projects with the CRG. Currently, the CRG is developing a Montana statewide victimization survey (Bureau of Justice Statistics), conducting research to help develop a Victim Legal Assistance Network in Montana (Office for Victims of Crime), examining how the Montana Systems of Care deal with victimization among high-risk youth (Office for Victims of Crime), and conducting a statewide survey of Montana jails (Bureau of Justice Statistics).

Field Of Study:


Research Interests:

Victimization; Routine Activities; Fear of Crime; Offending-Victimization Relationship


FALL 2015:

SOCI 211S.01 Introduction to Criminology, MWF, 11:10-12:00, STON 304

SPRING 2016:

SOCI 438.01 Seminar in Victimology, TR, 11:10-12:30, SS 334

SOCI 538.01 Seminar in Victimology, TR, 11:10-12:30, SS 334 


Ph.D., Sociology, University of Georgia, 2013

M.A., Sociology, University of Georgia, 2008

B.A., Sociology, University of Southern Mississippi, 2005

Selected Publications:

Bunch, Jackson, Jody Clay-Warner, and Man Kit-Lei. Forthcoming. "Demographic Characteristics and Victimization Risk: Testing the Mediating Effects of Routine Activities." Crime and Delinquency. Prepublished December 6, 2012; DOI: 10.1177/0011128712466932.

James, Katie R., Jackson Bunch, and Jody Clay-Warner. 2015. “School Fairness and School Violence: Testing Predictions from General Strain Theory.” Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice, 13(2): 169-189.

Bunch, Jackson, Jody Clay-Warner, and Jennifer McMahon-Howard. 2014. "The Effects of Victimization on Routine Activities." Criminal Justice and Behavior, 41(5), 575-593.

Johnson, David, Linda Renzulli, Jackson Bunch, and Maria Paino. 2013. "Everyday Observations: Developing a Sociological Perspective through a Portfolio Term Project." Teaching Sociology, 41(3), 314-321.

Bunch, Jackson and Jody Clay-Warner. 2009. "Fear of Crime." pp. 94-96 in The Praeger Handbook of Victimology, edited by Janet Wilson. Westport, CT: Greenwood Publishing Group.