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Faculty Image Kathy J. Kuipers
Office: Social Sciences 311
Phone: 406-243-4381


Current Position:


Associate Professor

Office Hours:

Tuesday (11:10-12), Wednesday (1-3:00) and by appointment

Field Of Study:

Sociology: Social Psychology, Group Processes, Inequality, Research Methods, and Social Statistics

Research Interests:

Current Projects include:

1) A research project investigating how negative racial stereotypes are formed and how they may be changed.  With Tara Top Sky, a graduate student, we are conducting a survey research project that attempts to describe stereotypes from the points of view of American Indians in Montana, and links those perceptions to identities and self esteem.  I'm also interested in how positive identities can help to decrease the influence of negative stereotypes and in how community involvement, especially with an emphasis on cultural traditions, can influence positive identities and help decrease the influence of negative stereotypes.

2) An experimental study examining how guilt and shame are related to racial stereotypes and self-efficacy.  We look at the relationships between guilt and pro-active behavior (for status advantaged group members) and shame, negative stereotypes, and self-esteem (for status disadvantaged group members).

3) An experimental research pilot study looking at the formation of negative stereotypes and how those stereotypes influence behavior and identities.  We draw upon status value theory and ask several key questions:  how do our beliefs about race (and, more narrowly, racial stereotypes) change?  How are race status beliefs maintained and managed, particularly when the economic situation upon which they are based changes?  How are self-perceptions influenced by information on the association between race and economic status?  Using two experiments, we focus on Montana’s largest racial minority group, Native Americans, and how they areperceived by both themselves and by non-Natives.

Graduate and undergraduate


SOCI 441w--Capstone in Inequality and Social Justice


Western Michigan University, BA

Washington State University, MA

Stanford University, MA, PhD.

Teaching Experience:

Graduate and Undergraduate Sociology at Stanford University; University of California, Berkeley; San Jose State University; and Hamline University


American Sociological Association, member (and member of the following sections: Social Psychology; Sociology of Sex and Gender)

Pacific Sociological Association, (Council Member)

International Society for Research on Emotion

Group Processes Organization (affiliated with ASA)

Women and Gender Studies Program at University of Montana

Selected Publications:

Kuipers, Kathy J. and Celia C. Winkler. 2012.  The Status of Women in Montana. Helena, MT: The Montan Women's Foundation.

Kuipers, Kathy J. 2009. “Formal and Informal Network Coupling and its Relationship to Workplace Attachment.” Sociological Perspectives. 52, 4: 455-79.

Sell, Jane, and Kathy J. Kuipers. 2009. “A Structural Social Psychological View of Gender Differences in Cooperation.” Sex Roles: A Journal of Research. 61:317-24.

Kuipers, Kathy J. 2009. “Reference Groups.” In Encyclopedia of Group Processes and Intergroup Relations, edited by John Levine and Michael Hogg. New York: Sage.

Kuipers, Kathy J. and Jane Sell. 2008. “Sociology.” Pp. 660-64 in International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, 2nd edition, edited by William A. Darity. Detroit: Macmillan Reference USA.

Kuipers, Kathy J. and Stuart Hysom. 2007. “Common Problems and Solutions.” Pp. 289-324 in Laboratory Experiments in the Social Sciences, edited by Murray Webster, Jr. and Jane Sell. Boston: Elsevier.

Other Publications:


Kuipers, Kathy J. “Harmful Shame and Beneficial Guilt in Solving Problems Related to Race” paper presented at the Meetings of the International Society for Research on Emotion. Kyoto, Japan, August 2011.

Kuipers, Kathy J. and Tara Top Sky.  “Shame & the Rejection of Stereotypes” paper presented at the Annual Meetings of the Pacific Sociological Association.  Seattle, WA, March 2011.

Emerson, Derek, Kathy J. Kuipers, and Casey Mitchell.  “A Touchy Subject: Racial Guilt and Perceptions” paper presented at the Annual Meetings of the Pacific Sociological Association.  Seattle, WA, March 2011.

Kuipers, Kathy J. “Teaching Naked vs. Digitally Adorned: The Promise and Pitfalls of Presentation Technology in the Classroom” co-presentation (with Tobin Miller Shearer), Center for Faculty Development, University of Montana, October 1, 2010.

Kuipers, Kathy J., Sarah L. Moesser, and Camarin Metcalf. “Rural versus Urban Identities and Gender Overcompensation” paper presented at the Annual Meetings of the Pacific Sociological Association.  Oakland, CA, April 2010.