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Faculty Listings

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Name: Department: Email:
Cahoon, Heather Native American Studies
Callaway, Ragan Division of Biological Sciences
Campbell, Gregory Anthropology
Campbell, Duncan G Psychology
Canty, Kevin English
Cao, Zhen Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures
Carlson, LTC Chad Military Science
Cassens, Michael Computer Science
Catton, Ted History
Certel, Sarah Division of Biological Sciences
Chacon, H. Rafael Latin American Studies
Charles, Casey English
Chatterjee, Abhishek Political Science
Chesebro, Eric Mathematical Sciences
Chin, Beverly English
Chirinos, Eduardo Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures
Chu, Xi Chemistry & Biochemistry
Clark, David Philosophy
Clarke, Bridget Philosophy
Cleveland, Cory Systems Ecology
Clough, Bradley Liberal Studies
Clow, Richmond Native American Studies
Cochran, Bryan Psychology
Comer, Chris H&S Dean's Office
Condon, Phil Environmental Studies
Congdon, Daniel Philosophy
Conway, Lucian Psychology
Cook, Nancy English
Cook, Ann Psychology
Covitt, Beth Environmental Studies
Cracolice, Mark Chemistry & Biochemistry
Crummy, M. Ione Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures