Our Eminent Alumni

Father Robert Zahn

Father Robert Zahn

Robert Zahn received a B.A. in Chemistry from UM in 1943. He served in the Army from 1943-1946 and as an officer in the occupation forces in Japan. Following his discharge, he continued to work in Japan until he entered Maryknoll Seminary in 1949. He returned to Japan following his ordination in 1955 and has worked there for 50 years. Father Zahn presently works in the Matsuzaka parish.

Dick Juday

Dick Juday
May 28, 1918 - Feb. 16, 2002

Dick Juday graduated from Harvard in 1939 and received his Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsn in 1943. He came to Missoula in 1948 and was a professor at UM for 30 years. After his retirement he continued to volunteer his time at the University until his death on Feb. 16, 2002. He was at the age of 83, and is fondly remembered by generations of Chemistry alums.

Jeanne Shreeve

Jean’ne Shreeve

Jean'ne Shreeve, professor of chemistry at the University of Idaho for 42 years, is currently serving as as chair of the President's Committee on the National Medal of Science. Dr. Shreeve's accomplishments in fluorine chemistry have led to over 340 refereed technical publications, and several national and international awards for teaching and research. A patent resulting from her work was issued in 2001 for a process to synthesize reagents.

Reynold Fuson

Reynold C. Fuson
June 1, 1895 - Aug. 4, 1979

Reynold Fuson was a high school teacher when he came to the University of Montana, graduated in two years, and went on to get his Ph.D. from the Univerity of Minnesota in 1924. He also received honorary degrees from Montana and Illinois. Dr. Fuson, with others, wrote “The Systematic Identification of Organic Compounds” which is still in print today in its eighth edition.

Franklin Long

Franklin Asbury Long
July 27, 1910 - Feb. 8, 1999

Franklin Long was born in Great Falls, Montana, and received B.A. and M.A. degrees from the University of Montana in 1931 and 1932. Long came to Cornell as a professor of chemistry in 1937, a post he held until 1979, serving as chair of the chemistry department between 1950 and 1960. He served on the boards of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, the Albert Einstein Peace Prize Foundation and the Fund for Peace. Long received the Charles Lathrop Parsons Award from the American Chemical Society in 1985, and the Philip Haug Abelson Prize of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in 1990.

Thomas Brill

Thomas B. Brill

Thomas Brill received his B.S. in Chemistry (honors) at University of Montana in1966 and his Ph.D. in Chemistry at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, in 1970. He has been Professor of Chemistry at the University of Delaware since 1979. His current research concerns chemical processes at rather extreme conditions, e.g. the pyrolysis processes that occur on the surface of a burning material, and the hydrothermolysis processes that occur in water at very high temperature and pressure.

John D. Sullivan was a long time supporter and graduate of UM Chemistry department. Sullivan received his bachelor's degree from UM in 1921 and became a nationally known chemist and metallurgist. He received special recognition from the War and Navy departments during World War II for his efforts.

Dr. Leland Yates was a 1938 graduate of UM in chemistry. Dr. Yates taught on campus for a number of years and was highly regarded for mentoring his students. Dr. Jean'ne Shreeve was one of Leland Yates students.

William P. Cahill received two degrees from this department, a B.S. in Chemistry in 1961 and an M.S. in Chemistry in 1964. He went on to earn his Ph.D. in Agricultural Biochemistry at the University of Arizona in 1972. He was a manager of residue chemistry for Sandoz Crop Protection at the time of his death in August 1988.

Stanley R. Ames received his BA degree in chemistry, math and bacteriology at UM in 1940. He went on to earn an M.A. in chemistry at Columbia University and a Ph.D. at Columbia in 1944. He has enjoyed a long career in biochemistry and is currently a consultant for Nutritional Biochemistry in Rochester, NY.

Dr. John Wiegenstein is a 1941 graduate of UM in microbiology, chemistry, and pre-med. He graduated from Harvard Medical School in 1944 and went on to practice medicine. In 1985 he retired from his practice at the polyclinic in Seattle.

William H. Lien graduated from UM in 1956 as a chemistry major, and his father William N. Lien graduated from UM in 1922. William H. Lien incorporated his earliest experience from the department of chemistry to his work at Lockheed and Viking Laboratories.

Dr. Richard H. Jesse was a Chemistry professor and Head of the Chemistry Department while simultaneously serving as University Vice President. In this latter role he served as the President's troubleshooter. After the departure of President James A. McCain to Kansas State, Dr. Jesse served as acting President of the University until the arrival of new President Carl McFarland.

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