Environmental Chemistry

One of the primary focuses of the department is in the area of Environmental Chemistry. We currently offer both undergraduate and graduate training in Environmental Chemistry, and have several faculty performing research in this field.


Orion Berryman - Supramolecular approach to ligand design for heavy metal and anionic groundwater contaminants.
SubmersibleAutonomousMooringInstrument Michael DeGrandpre - Chemical sensor development for applications in aquatic chemistry, chemical limnology and oceanography.
martin Brooke Martin - The effects of environmental toxic metal mixtures on cellular proteins and respiration.
rosenberg Edward Rosenberg - The design and development of new silica polyamine composite materials for applications in the mining industry and in metal ion remedia class="research"tion of industrial and acid mine drainage waste streams.
Valeriy Smirnov - Enzymes of photorespiration, Rubisco and efficiency in balancing carbon fixation vs. water use and nitrogen metabolism. 
smith Garon Smith - Use of honey bees as environmental samplers, development of mass spectrometry techniques for air quality studies, artificial neural networks in analytical chemistry.
sugden Kent Sugden - Investigation of the mechanisms of DNA damage by environmental heavy metals.
yokelson Robert Yokelson ( USFS Fire Sciences Lab ) - Atmospheric chemistry, remote spectroscopic studies of biomass burning.