Mission Statement

Professor Mark Cracolice, Chair

A. Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry is to create new knowledge about the molecular sciences and to convey these discoveries, as well as the discoveries of other molecular scientists throughout history, to the scientific community, students, and the public.

B1. Student Learning Goals

  1. Learn how to inquire about nature from the perspective of a molecular scientist, where the molecule is the fundamental unit upon which scientific discovery and understanding is based.
  2. Learn the thinking skills needed for analysis of scientific data.
  3. Learn the fundamental conceptual principles of the molecular sciences, broadly for undergraduate degree students, and narrowly and deeply in a specialized area for graduate degree students.
  4. Learn fundamental facts about the molecular sciences that make up the knowledge base common to all similarly-educated scientists.
  5. Learn to effectively communicate scientific data and concepts at a level appropriate to the audience being addressed.

B2. Measurement of Goals

B3. Modifications based on Assessment