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College of Humanities & Sciences

Chemistry & Biochemistry

nonactin molecule

CHMY 630 - Chemistry Seminar – Spring 2015

February 2: John Dawson, University of South Carolina (CBSD Sponsored)

Title: "Generation and Reactivity of Transient Cytochrome P450 Oxygen-Containing Intermediates"

February 9: Rob Smith, University of Montana Department of Computer Science

Title: "The Significance of Data Processing in Mass Spectrometry: Challenges and Opportunities"

February: 23 Jennifer Dubois, Montana State University

Title: "TBA"

February 26: Larry Que, University of Minnesota

Title: "Peroxodiiron Intermediates of Oxygenases Involved in Cell Proliferation and Chloramphenicol Biosynthesis (and Related Synthetic Models)"

Candidate I Bioinorganic Search

Title: "TBA"

Candidate II Bioinorganic Search

Title: TBA

Candidate III Bioinorganic Search

Title: "TBA"

Candidate IV Bioinorganic Search

Title: "TBA"

Ed Rosenberg, University of Montana

Title: "TBA"

Mark Grimes, University of Montana (Division of Biological Sciences)

Title: "TBA"

Hlanganani Tutu, Univeristy of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa

Title: "Understanding and Responding to Contaminants in Gold Mining Environments in South Africa"

Richard H. Fish, Berkeley Lab, University of California Berkeley

Title: "TBA"

Andy Borovik, University of California-Irvine (CBSD Sponsored)

Title: "TBA"

Garon Smith, Univeristy of Montana

Title: "TBA"

William Pennington, Clemson University

Title: TBA

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