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College of Humanities & Sciences

Chemistry & Biochemistry

nonactin molecule

CHMY 630 - Chemistry Seminar – Autumn 2014

November 3: TBA

Title: TBA

November 10: Kevin A. Schug, University of Texas at Arlington (Host: Chris Palmer, Chem)

Title: "Analytical Strategies for Investigating Potential Effects of Unconventional Oil and Gas Extract on Groundwater Quality"

November 17: Jonel Saludes, Washington State University (Host: Orion Berryman, Chem)

Title: "Molecular probes based on peptide-lipid interactions"

November 24: P. Shing Ho, Colorado State University (Host: Orion Berryman, CBSD Sponsor)

Title: "Halogen bonds: A new paradigm for molecular recognition"

December 1: Dr. Jane Ishmael-Leid, Oregon State University (Host Dave Shepherd, BMED, CBSD Sponsored)

Title: "Natural Products as Chemical Probes for the Study of Autophagy and Cell Death"

December 8: TBD

Title: TBA

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