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The University of Montana offers a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Classics with an emphasis in Latin, as well as a Minor in Latin. Students interested in teaching Latin can also pursue a course of study that includes teaching methodology. Requirements for all are listed below. For more detailed descriptions of the courses, see the 2012-13 course catalog.

Requirements for the Major in Classics, Emphasis in Latin

1.  Language component: 


a. Language component:15 credits in Latin beyond LATN 202.  Greek 101-102 may be substituted for 4 of these credits.


b. LATN 402, Advanced Prose Composition

2. Required Courses:

ARTH 407 Roman and Early Christian Art in Context

CLAS 155L Survey of Classical Greek and Roman Literature
CLAS 160L Classical Mythology
Either CLAS 251L The Epic or CLAS 252L Tragedy

HSTR 304 History of Classical Rome

3. Nine (9) additional credits from recommended or specially approved courses. Recommended courses are:


CLAS 320 Women in Antiquity
CLAS 360H Ancient Greek Culture and Civilization
CLAS 362H Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy

HSTR 301H Classical Greece
HSTR 302H Classical Greece II: Ancient Greek Social History
PHL 261Y History of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy

PHL 363 Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy

PHL 465 Plato
PHL 466 Aristotle

Students are encouraged to distribute these credits among courses focusing on classical history, philosophy, art and literature.

4. GPA:

Students are required to maintain a minimum overall GPA of 2.5 in all upper-division courses presented in fulfillment of requirements for the Classics/Latin major.


5.  Upper-division Writing Expectation: 


[The Upper-division Writing Expectation must be met by successfully completing MCLG 301H, 302H, 303H, 320, 362H or 365E with the consent of the instructor]


Requirements for the Minor in Latin

Complete Latin 211-212 (second year of Latin)
9 credits of Latin courses numbered 300 (Major Authors) or above

Requirements for the Major in Classics (Latin, with Teaching Emphasis)

The same requirements as for the regular Major in Latin (above)
plus MCLG U 410 (Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages)

Requirements for the Minor in Latin, with Teaching Emphasis

Latin 101-212 inclusive or equivalent (first two years of Latin)
6 credits of Latin 300 (Major Authors)
Latin 402 (Latin Prose Composition)
MCLG U 410 (Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages)

If you have questions, or would like to register for the degree, please contact the Classics faculty.

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