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Summer 2014

Chris Dombrowski's (MFA 2001) essay, "Should I Quit / / Making This Poem" appeared in Spoon River Review, 39.1. Dombrowski was also the recipient of a Poets & Writers grant which partially funded his Poet-in-Residence position in Yosemite National Park over the summer. Rachel Mindell's (third year MFA) poem, "Susan Sontag Hates You, Mr. Interview," is forthcoming in apt, and "Cafe Poca" appeared in the August issue of The Rain, Party, & Disaster Society. Ed Skoog's (MFA 1996 ) poem, The Empty House Next Door, was published in Narrative. Kate M. Cholewa (MFA 1990) read from her first novel, Shaking Out the Dead, at Fact & Fiction. Allison Linville's (second year MFA) poem, "Now, Hunger," is forthcoming in the Spring 2015 print issue of the Bellingham Review. Jolene Brink's (first year MFA) chapbook, Peregrine, will be published by Red Bird Chapbooks in 2015. Brian Blanchfield (Hugo Writer 2009) won the James Laughlin Award, a $5000 prize from the Academy of American Poets, for his second book, A Several World. Kevin Canty had a piece published in Come Here Often? 53 Writers Raise a Glass to Their Favorite Bar (Black Balloon Publishing, 2014). Caylin Capra-Thomas' (second year MFA) chapbook manuscript "Inside My Electric City" was listed as a semifinalist for Black Lawrence Press' Black River Chapbook Contest, and over the summer she had poems published in alice blue review, The Boiler, and Permafrost.  Tinderbox has accepted two more poems for publication. Philip Schaefer (MFA 2014) and Jeff Whitney (MFA 2012) have a collaborative chapbook coming out with Phantom Limb Press: “Smoke Tones.” Jeff Whitney has another chapbook coming out with Thrush Press: “The Tree With Lights In It.” Alice Bolin's (MFA 2011) essay about Miranda Lambert, "Happiness Is a Pink Gun," was published in The Morning News. Ryan Bell's (MFA 2014) article, "Sitting Bull's Lost Horses?" won Best Feature Article at the 2013 American Horse Publications Awards. Also, the first of a two-part series about horse cloning is coming out in the September issue of Western Horseman. Alicia Mountain's (second year MFA) poem, "the book is a hungry darkness," has been accepted for publication by Barrow Street. Kaylen Mallard 's (MFA 2013) essay, "Too Much of Ourselves," was published in the summer issue of Broad. Virginia Zech's (third year MFA) story, "Falling Down the Stairs," was on Monkey Bicycle. Carl Corder (MFA 2012) had a tribute to Kevin Canty in Metonymy Media. Alice Bolin (MFA 2011) published an essay in the Awl on patriotic pop music, lana del Ray, and all the roommates she's had in Los Angeles this past year. Khaty Xiong (MFA 2013) was published in the August 2014 issue of MiPOesias. Poet Bridget Carson (MFA 2006) was interviewed by BJ Soloy (MFA 2014) for CutBank. Richard Fifield (BA 1998) is teaching fiction at UM in the fall. His short story, "You Can't Always Get What You Want," was shortlisted for the 2014 Bristol Prize. Alice Bolin's (MFA 2011) July 22 essay on Joan Didion and Los Angeles in The Believer was featured by NPR and the Atlantic's Best Pop-Culture Writing. Megan Kruse (MFA 2010) is teaching day-long "Finding Your Genre and Writing Taboo" courses at the Hugo House in Seattle this fall. Laura Dunn (MFA 2009) released a new album, The Snow Queen: A Folk Opera, which retells the Hans Christian Andersen story in present-day Detroit. Henrietta Goodman (MFA 1994) and Karin Schalm (MFA 1996) read at SpoPo in Spokane, Washington. Philip Schaefer's (MFA 2013) poem "Longest Division" appeared in the first online issue of Rhino. Ann McGlinn's (MFA 1997) first novel, El Penco, was published by Cuidono Press. Giano Cromley's (MFA 2001) first novel, The Last Good Halloween, is being published by Tortoise Books. Caitlin MacDougall (second year MFA) had a piece in feminspire: I Am Not "Petite": I Am a Woman. Jeremy Pataky's (MFA 2007) first book of poetry, Overwinter, will be published by University of Alaska Press in March 2015 as part of the Alaska Literary Series. Laura Dunn's (MFA 2009) chapbook, Spider Blue, was accepted for publication by Dancing Girl Press. Richard Robbins (MFA 1979) recently completed 28 years of directing the Good Thunder Reading Series at Minnesota State University, Mankato. During that time he arranged nearly 400 one- and four-day campus visits by internationally acclaimed as well as lesser known contemporary writers. He continues as professor and director of the creative writing program. Jordan Konkol's (third year MFA) poem, "Askesis," was accepted for publication by Colorado Review. Rachel Toor (MFA 2006) had a letter in Dear Teen Me: Authors Write Letters to Their Teen Selves. Caitlin MacDougall's (second year MFA) essay, "Are All Trigger Warnings Created Equal," was published in Feminspire. Nick Bosworth's (MFA 2014) poem, "Ash Bore," was published in Blue Lake Review. Khaty Xiong's (MFA 2013) poetry chapbook, Deer Hour, will be published by The New Michigan Press/DIAGRAM. Rachel Toor's (MFA 2006) essay, "What Writing and Running Have in Common," was published in the June 24th issue of The Chronicle of Higher Education. Alice Bolin (MFA 2011) had an essay featured in The Atlantic's Best Pop Culture Writing which originally appeared in The Toast, A Meditation on Britney's "...Baby One More Time." Melissa Kwasny (MFA 1999) is teaching at LiTFUSE in September with Martin Espada and Christopher Howell. Khaty Xiong (MFA 2013) and Jeff Whitney (2012) both had poems published in Birdfeast. Emma Torzs' (MFA 2012) story, "Word of Mouth,"was featured in the summer issue of Three Penny Review.

Spring 2014

Turner Canty (BA 2011) interviewed Brian Blanchfield (Hugo Poet 2009-2010) in OmniVerse. Thomas Sayers Ellis, our Visiting Hugo Fellow for Spring 2015, was featured in the New York Times on May 27 for co-founding The Dark Room Collective.  Rob Schlegel's (MFA 2004) poem "Were They Hands Would They Flower" was the Academy of American Poets' poem for May 26. Jeff Whitney (MFA 2012) and Philip Schaefer (MFA 2014) collaborated on a poetry chapbook that will be published by Phantom Limb Press. Whitney has another chapbook that has been accepted for publication by Thrush Press. Ryan Rickrode (MFA 2013) recently published a story, "Weights and Measures," in the South Carolina Review, as well as "My Girlfriend from the Future" in Identity Theory. He and some cohorts are starting a new literary journal to explore the intersection of faith and art. Look for Dog Pond online soon. Caylin Capra-Thomas' (first year MFA) poem, "Say Uncle," was selected for publication in Yemassee. Chau "Cab" Tran (B.A. 2014) was offered a generous financial aid package at the University of Michigan for the MFA program next year. Kevin Canty and David Gates are both featured in the Reader's Digest article, "23 Contemporary Writers You Should Have Read by Now." Richard Fifield's (BA 1998) debut novel, The Flood Girls, will be published with Simon & Schuster. Philip Schaefer (second year MFA) has two poems, "Animalia" and "Lo-Fi," accepted for publication by Interim. John Keene (one of the keynote speakers for Thinking Its Presence) posted a summary of the conference on his blog. Megan Kruse's (MFA 2010) novel, Call Me Home, will be coming out with Hawthorne Books in March 2015. Elizabeth Gilbert praises Kruse as "a young writer of raw and fearless talent and Call Me Home showcases all she can do. She writes here of harrowing lives — of a family bent and broken by violence, where each person is desperately trying to somehow grow toward light and liberation." Prgaeeta Sharma's essay introducing the work of Youna Kwak (MFA 2008), as well as poems by both Kwak and Sharma, were showcased in American Poets. Brendan Fitzgerald (first year MFA), Jeff Gailus (first year MFA) and Rachel Mindell (second year MFA) were selected by the Graduate Council for Bertha Morton Scholarships. Brenden Oliva (second year MFA) was selected by University of Houston for a fully-funded, five year PhD program in Literature and Creative Writing. Rachel Mindell’s (second year MFA) poem, “Because we are not animals, napkins,” will appear in the fall issue of Cream City Review. Her poem, "Diamond City Ghost," is forthcoming in Anti-. The Pacifica Literary Journal published her poem, "It's the goatsucker, homes." Ed Skoog (MFA 1996) selected Alicia Mountain’s (first year MFA) poem, "The Difference Between Oasis and Mirage," as the winner of the UM Academy of American Poets College Prize. He selected BJ Soloy’s (third year MFA) “Stattice,” for honorable mention. Caylin Capra-Thomas (first year MFA) has three poems, "Interior Landscape," "The Mine Fire Speaks," and "Valentine's Day, 1981," forthcoming in the June issue of The Boiler. Philip Schaefer’s (second year MFA) poems "Hypnosis," "Eventualities," and "Another Language" have been selected for the summer issue of The Boiler. Ghost Town has accepted the poem "I want to tell you" for their next issue. His ekphrastic poem "Disappear" has been selected as this year's Switcheroo by Broadside Press and will be published as a broadside along with the painting from which it was inspired. His poems "Bear Love Magic Porn Ballad" and "After You Left" have been accepted for publication by NightBlock. Diana Xin's (second year MFA) story, "Someone Else," was shortlisted by Masters Review as one of the top 2% stories reviewed. JP Kemmick's story, "Space City," received honorable mention by Masters Review. Cecile Berberat's (third year MFA) story, "Gallup," was accepted for publication at Bird's Thumb. John Bennett’s (second year MFA) poem, “New London Primary School Explosion, March 18, 1937,” is forthcoming in Hayden's Ferry Review (Issue 55). His poem “Welteislehre” is forthcoming in Off the Coast (Spring 2014). Andrew Gray's (MFA 2012) story, "Fame," was featured on Narrative as story of the week. Ryan Lee's (BA 2014) poem, “What He Walks In,” will be published by Z-composition magazine in their yearly print anthology, Strange FrenZies, in early summer. Chris Dombrowski (MFA 2001) has an interview with James Galvin in the March 31 issue of Orion. Jay Treiber's (MFA 1989) debut novel, Spirit Walk, was released by Torrey House Press in May. Jordan Rossen's (MFA 2013) story, "Speed Walking," is forthcoming in the literary journal upstreet. Caylin Capra-Thomas and Julia Ohman (first year MFA students) with JP Kemmick (second year MFA) represented University of Montana at the Get Lit! Literary Festival in Spokane. Rachel Mindell's (second year MFA) poem, "Landscape," is forthcoming in The Destroyer. Philip Schaefer's (second year MFA) poem, "Post Perseids," has been selected for UNCOMMON/WORD, a monthly poetry column to be featured in Commons Magazine. It was one of six selected poems and will be featured sometime in the next six months. His poem, "Human Aviary," is forthcoming in Adroit. Janisse Ray (MFA 1997) is serving as the Kittredge Visiting Writer for the Environmental Studies program this semester. Her latest  book, The Seed Underground: A Growing Revolution to Save Food, was reviewed March 27 by the Missoula Independent. JP Kemmick's (second year MFA) story, "The Shower," was published in issue 41 of Toad. David Gates' story, "A Hand Reached Down to Guide Me," was selected by Jennifer Egan for the Best American Short Stories 2014 anthology. Gil Filar's (MFA 2013) story, "Here for Life," is coming out in Glimmer Train. Alice Bolin (MFA 2011) has an interview with actor Jai Courtney in Flaunt. Her chapbook, Motel Diary, is available at And, her essay about Los Angeles, Raymond Chandler, The Big Lebowski and the essential nothingness at the center of all things, has been published in the Spring 2014 issue of Los Angeles Review of Books Quarterly Journal. Jeff Whitney's (MFA 2012) poem, "Nuremberg," has been published in Ostrich Review. Allison Linville (first year MFA) and Maud Streep (second year MFA) were both selected by the UM creative writing faculty for the Nettie Weber Award. Kate Nitze (second year MFA)  was selected for the Greta Wrolstad Travel Award. Philip Schaefer's (second year MFA) poem, "Evening News," is in the current issue of Pacifica, and his poem, "Calling My Wife, Outside the Strip Club," was just accepted for the upcoming issue of Calliope. BJ Soloy (MA/MFA 2014) has a poem, "Our Pornography Will Be Famous, Difficult," accepted by Sugar House Review. Adam Lambert's (first year MFA) poem, "Rahab," was published in Harpur Plate, Vol. 13, no. 2, Winter/Spring 2014. Caeli Wolfson Widger's (MFA 1999) novel, Real Happy Family, has been published with New Harvest. Jeremy Smith's (MFA 2005) Growing a garden City has been selected by Food Tank as a top read for Spring 2014. Ryan Rickrode's (MFA 2013) essay, "Six Feet From the Sun: Climbing Houses with My Father," has been republished by the Good Men Project.

Winter 2013/2014

April Wilder's (MFA 2006) story, "Creative Writing Instructor Evaluation Form," was published in the February 3 issue of American Short Fiction. Julia Ohman was selected as the 2013 winner of the Merriam-Frontier Award. Ohman read from her story collection, Vertical Streets, at the Maureen and Mike Mansfield Library. BJ Soloy’s (MA/MFA 2014) poem, "The Middle Distance,"  was accepted by Field. David Gates reviewed Lorrie Moore’s short story collection, Bark, in the New York Times Sunday Book Review (Feb. 23, 2014). Dan Brooks' (MFA 2006) article, "The Existential Anguish of the Tattoo," appeared in the New York Times Sunday magazine on February 16. Joshua Corey's (MFA 1999) poem, "Brussels," was published in Green Mountain Review, Vol. 26, No. 2. Kevin Canty's Everything was reviewed in a number of French publications: Le Monde des Livres, Les Echos, Aujour d'hui, Avantages, Cosmopolitan, 7 Officiel, Presse Ocean and Le Courrier de l'Ouest. Brendan Fitzgerald’s (first year MFA) interview with Claire Vaye Watkins was published at The Believer. Jon Davis’ (MFA 1985) poems were published in the winter 2014 issue of Mississippi Review. Jeremy Pataky's (MFA 2007) poems, "Then to Now," "Inroad," and "From Here You Seem a Braided River," were featured in the Fall/Winter 2013 issue of Colorado Review. Rob Schlegel's (MFA 2004) poetry collection, January Machine, won the Grub Street Book Prize. Four Way Books will publish the collection in March 2014. Melissa Mylchreest's (MFA 2012) book manuscript won the Dorothy Brunsman Poetry Prize. It will be published by Bear Star Press this summer. Caroline Patterson's (MFA 1994) story, "The New Teacher," was published in the Fact & Fiction Missoula Reader, Spring 2014. Her essay, "Of Eros & Earth: The Poetry of Sandra Alcosser and Melissa Kwasny was anthologized in These Living Songs: Reading Montana Poets, edited by Lisa Simon and Brady Harrison, upcoming with University of Montana Press. Patterson also wrote the introduction to the Grace Stone Coates' novel, Clear Title, published posthumously by Drumlummon Press. Allison Linville (first year MFA) was selected as a semi-finalist in poetry for the Tucson Festival of the Books Literary Awards and was invited to attend the Masters Workshop. Linville's story, "Out from Behind the Screen; Wilderness Changes Lives," received honorable mention in the 2013 Conservation Story Contest on Mark Bennion (MFA 2000) has a new collection of poetry,Forsythia, with Aldrich Press. Michael Earl Craig's (BA 1994) new poetry collection, Talkativeness, has been published with Wave Books. Naomi Kimbell (MFA 2008) is the new Creative Nonfiction Editor for Pithead Chapel, a monthly online literary magazine. Karin Schalm (MFA 1996) has an interview with Alice Notley published on the CutBank website.  Scott Alexander Jones (MFA 2009) has three books of poetry coming out in 2014: elsewhere (Black Lawrence Press), Carpe Demons (Unsolicited Press) and That Finger on Your Temple is the Barrel of My Raygun (Bedouin Books). April Wilder's (MFA 2006) collection of short stories, This Is Not an Accident, has been published by Penguin. Jason MacLeod (MFA 2009) recently completed a stint as a writer in residence at the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts in Nebraska City, Nebraska. Debra Magpie Earling has been selected by Indian Country Today Media Network as one of the top 7 American Indian women novelists people should read. Jeff Whitney's (MFA 2012) chapbook, Note Left Like Silver on the Eyes of the Dead, is now available through Slash Pine Press. Laurel Akemi Nakanishi (MFA 2012) celebrates a book launch party on Sunday, February 2, 3 pm at Native Books in Honolulu for Manoa/Makai, winner of the 2013 Epiphany Editions chapbook contest.Chris Dombrowsi's (MFA 2001) essay, "Chance Baptisms," which originally appeared in Orion, was selected as a Notable Essay in this year's Best American Essays. Ali Schneider (BA 2013) is serving as the poetry publishing intern at Copper Canyon Press. Rachel Toor's (MFA 2006) YA novel On the Road to Find Out has been chosen as a spring selection of the Junior Library Guild. Josh Wagner (BA 2013) has signed a three book contract with Asymmetrical Press which recently published his essay, "I Need to Take This Thing That I Love and Get Rid of It Immediately." Peter Schumacher's (MFA 2013) story, "Habits," and an interview were both published in issue 42 of Smoke Long Quarterly. Zoey Farber (MFA 2012) was selected as the runner-up in the 2013 Ninth Letter Awards for poetry. Ninth Letter published two of Farber's poems, "Three Expressions of El Tio" and "Five Characteristics of the Genus Tragelaphus," in the 2013/2014 Fall/Winter Issue. Congrats to Mark Gibbons (MFA 1998),  Natalie Peeterse (MFA 2002), and Erin Saldin (creative writing lecturer) who were recognized by the Montana Arts Council with the Artist's Innovation Award for the literary arts. Philip Schaefer's (second year MFA) poem, "Whale Song"  was published in Noon, Journal of the Short Poem, Issue 8. David Gates' story "A Hand Reached Down to Guide Me," was published in issue 126 of Granta, Winter 2014. Kevin Canty's Everything was praised by French critic Philippe Chevilley who compared Canty's writing to Chekhov's. Robert Wrigley's (MFA 1976) Anatomy of Melancholy and Other Poems was honored with a Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association Award for 2014. Ed Skoog 's (MFA 1996) poem, "Being in Plays," was published in The American Poetry Review, vol. 43 no.1. Emily Danforth (MFA 2006) was named best woman writer of the year by the High Plains Awards. Her young adult novel, The Miseducation of Cameron Post, was given the High Plains Award for the best young adult book of 2013. Sharma Shields (MFA 2004) sold her debut novel to Holt; it's slated for publication February 2015. Khaty Xiong's (MFA 2013) poem, "Pork Rinds, Watered Rice," was nominated for a Pushcart Prize by The Poet's Billow. Ryan Rickrode's (MFA 2013) essay, "Six Feet From the Sun" was published in The Common. Shannon Hale's (MFA 2000) book Austenland was made into a romantic comedy film directed by Jerusha Hess and produced by Stephanie Meyer. Aryn Kyle (MFA 2003) has a hilarious tumber post, "Overheard at Happy Hour." Candie Sanderson (second year fiction) has an interview with Kyle in CutBank. Brett Puryear 's (first year fiction) story, "Keep That Sugar in Your Pocket," was published by Storyscape, issue 11. His story, "Look Into the Eye and Smile, Arethusa," is in issue 10 of Literary Orphans. Philip Schaefer (second year poetry) has a poem coming out with the National Poetry Review. Ryan Bell (third year nonfiction) was accepted into the Society of American Travel Writers. Bell has a news article on Outside online, "Game of Clones."   "The Bakken Beckons," a feature about the North Dakota oil boom's impact on ranching, appears in the January issue of Western Horseman. The article was funded in-part by a UM Wilderness Institute grant (The Matthew Hansen Endowment).  Robert Stubblefield’s story, “Orbits,” appeared in the new issue of High Desert Journal. Jamie Rogers' (BA 2011) article, "The Only Game in Town," about 8 man football and the death of small towns in Eastern Montana, appeared in SB Nation. Wynn Hungerford's (BA 2013) fiction was featured in The Rumpus. Her story, "This Medieval Age," was in the fall 2013 issue of the Tulane Review. "Wherever You May Be, I Am Sorry" was in Vol. 49 of Red Cedar Review. Elliott Niblock's (second year poetry) quote, "I think the dream of the twenty-first century is to become your own #hashtag," went viral. Elisabeth Geier (MFA 2011) launched a bi-weekly column at Yearbook. John Bennett (second year poetry) published three new poems in Columbia: A Journal of Literature & Art.

Fall 2013

The Second Wind Reading Series now has its own Facebook page and Twitter account. Like and follow accordingly (Twitter:@2ndWindReadings). Daniel Shapiro's (MFA 1980) poetry appears in the current issue of the International Literary Quarterly. Jordan Rossen's (MFA 2013) story, "Sensory Deprivation" is forthcoming in Arcadia Magazine, his story "Personal Effects" is forthcoming in the Los Angeles Review, and  "The Age of Adjustments" is forthcoming in the Colorado Review. JP Kemmick's (second year MFA) story, "Unmoored," is in the new issue of A Capella Zoo. Caylin Capra-Thomas' (first year MFA) chapbook, The Marilyn Letters, is available through Dancing Girl Press. BJ Soloy's (MA/MFA 2014) poem "Escutcheon Haw," has been accepted to Hayden's Ferry Review for their next issue. Carrie Ayagaduk Ojanen (MFA 2010) has poems published in As Us Journal. Check out a sneak preview of Sharma Shield's (MFA 2004) first chapter of her new novel, The Handsome Guest. Joanna Klink's poem, "Given," was featured on the Academy of American Poets' Poem-A-Day website on September 10. Elisabeth Geier's (MFA 2011) story, "It Happened One Night," is published in the current issue of Bright Walls/Dark Room. Keema Waterfield's (MFA 2011) lyrical essay, "Landscaping," has been nominated for Sundress' Best of the Net Anthology 2013. In collaboration with the Missoula Writing Collaborative, Rachel Mindell (second year MFA) produced a rap video about writing with her Hawthorne Elementary School Flagship students. Henrietta Goodman (MFA 1994) has her second book of poetry, Hungry Moon, coming out with the Mountain West Poetry Series in November. To learn more about Henrietta, some lessons she learned in the UM MFA program, how motherhood influenced her writing, and how the title poem of her new book came to be, read this fabulous interview in CommitmentNow. BJ Soloy (MA/MFA 2014) has two poems forthcoming in Horse Less Review, "Tarantellum" and "from the Rain on Montgomery Clift (I don't like goodbye notes)" as well as one poem in Guernica, "Staring as I Was into the Sequined Doom." Andrew Martin (MFA 2013) has the story from his MFA thesis reading, "Cool for America," published in The Paris Review. Lehua Taitano (MFA 2010) will have her first poetry collection, A Bell Made of Stone, published with Tin Fish Press. She also has a story coming out in the fall 2013 edition of the Yellow Medicine Review. Jeff Whitney's (MFA 2012) poetry manuscript, Note Left Like Silver On the Eyes of the Dead, won the Slash Pine Press chapbook competition and will be available for purchase in November or December of this year. Greta Wrolstad's (MFA class of 2006) posthumous collection Night is Simply a Shadow (2013, Tavern Books) represents the exceedingly rich, precise and wide-ranging writing of a poet who promised to be a major talent of her generation. Nils Michals' (MFA 2000) second poetry book, Come Down to Earth, won the May Sarton New Hampshire Prize from Bauhen Publishing and was released August 2013. Both Candie Sanderson and Philip Schaefer (second year MFA's) have pieces up on Toad. Brett Puryear 's (first year MFA) story, "Keep That Sugar in Your Pocket," has been accepted for publication by StoryScape out of Brooklyn, NY. Alicia Mountain's (first year MFA) poems, "I began to see" and "The most elegant way to win," are featured in the current issue of Black Mountain Institute's Witness. Matt Byrne (MFA 1999) won the 2013 Sow's Ear Poetry Review chapbook contest with his collection, Silent Partner. He received an award of $1000; his chapbook will be published by Sow's Ear Press and distributed to subscribers in Spring 2014. Byrne’s poems have appeared in Exquisite Corpse, Kenyon Review, Clockwise Cat, Antioch Review, Best American Poetry 2007 and elsewhere. Jeff Gailus (first year MFA) had two books published by RMB in 2013: The Grizzly Manifesto and Little Black Lies. Wynne Hungerford (UG) recently won the Meadowlark Award’s first-place cash prize of $1,000 for her short story submission, “Ladies Chocolate Night.” “Radio Pictures Presents Holly Fort and the Redhead Buzzards" was featured in the September issue of Pif Magazine. Eric Bosse (MFA 2006) has a new story collection with Ravena Press, The Last Few Minutes Before the Bomb. Naomi Kimbell (MFA 2008 & Adjunct Professor) had an essay accepted by The Rumpus. Catherine Meng (MFA 2000) has a new poetry collection with Split Level Texts, The Longest Total Solar Eclipse of the Century. Robert Taylor's (UG) story, "Hash Browns & Gravy," placed second in the adult fiction category of the 2013 Missoula Public Library writing contest.

Summer 2013

Naomi Kimbell's (MFA 2008) prose piece, "Honey Locusts," appears in Otis Nebula.  Missoula was recently named the No. 7 best college town in America for 2013 by  David Gilbert (MFA 1995) was interviewed on NPR Books July 23 about his new novel & Sons.  Wynne Hungerford's (BA 2013) story, "Just Tell 'Em," is published in the McNeese Review.  Philip Schaefer (second year MFA) has two poems out with Fourteen Hills and poems forthcoming in RHINO and Toad. Rachel Mindell's (second year MFA) poems, "The blue flame is cold late summer," "Down dear," and "Spice," are published in Caliban Online #12. Virginia Zech's (second year MFA) story, "The Claw," is being collected in Gigantic Worlds, Gigantic Magazine's science flash fiction anthology, due out in Dec. BJ Soloy (MFA 2013) has a poem published in New American Writing. He will read and play with his band, Dear Sister Killdeer, on Thursday, July 11, 7 pm at Shakespeare & Co. in Missoula.  Nick Bosworth's (second year MFA) poem, "Ain't No Simian," is in the current issue of Hobo Pancakes.  Alice Bolin's (MFA 2011) article, "Daring Daisy Ashford, the Greatest Ever Nine-Year-Old Novelist," is in the July 8, Arts & Culture section of The Paris Review Daily.  Khaty Xiong's (MFA 2013) poem, "Pork Rinds, Watered Rice," was a finalist for The Poet's Billows Pangaea  Prize.  Jordan Rossen's (MFA 2013) story, "Dust," has been published in Reed Magazine, number 66.  Joseph Babcock's (second year MFA)  "The King of Bad Air"  is currently at 46 on the fiction list of Amazon's Kindle Singles. Learn more about Amazon's Kindle Singles and the editor, David Blum, in this April 22 New York Times article by Leslie Kaufman.  Brendan Fitzgerald (first year MFA) started a column at The Morning News called "Press Pause." His first piece, "Edward Snowden and Exploring Terra Incognita," discusses how to read the news.  Ed Skoog's (MFA 1996) poem "Books" was featured on Narrative.  Casey Charles, Literature Professor, read from his new novel, The Trials of Christopher Mann, and poetry collection, Blood Work, on Tuesday, June 11, at Shakespeare & Co., Missoula. Robert Stubblefield, Lecturer, is published in the latest issue of Basalt.

Spring 2013

Programs of National Distinction

Creative Writing is one of three top programs at the University of Montana that was recently named a Program of National Distinction (PoND) by the Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs. With this distinction, additional funds will be added to the Creative Writing Program's base budget--most of which will be used to increase student support. MFA teaching stipends will go up, and the CutBank Editor position will now be fully-funded. “UM’s Creative Writing Program is one of our nation’s oldest and most prestigious writing programs,” Director Judy Blunt said. “PoND status will afford us a competitive edge in terms of recruiting the most talented students and will help us maintain our place in the top tier of creative writing programs nationwide.” One of the new support positions created by the PoND funding is that of Undergraduate RA, a part-time job assisting with the Montana Writers’ Live! survey course, and with the production of the undergraduate literary magazine, The Oval. 

Truman Capote Funds

The Truman Capote Literary Trust has awarded the Creative Writing Program $40,000 to fund graduate scholarships for the 2013-14 school year, with a pledge to fund in the same amount for the following school year. Trustees mentioned the excellent reputation of our program and the high rate of student success in publishing as factors for granting this award.

Creative Writing Program Endowment

Timothy O’Leary, an alumnus, and his wife Michelle Cardinal, have committed $250,000 to an endowment that will benefit the Creative Writing Program over many years. Half the funds are aimed to support CutBank, the graduate student literary journal, and half will be used for MFA scholarships. O’Leary and Cardinal also provided seed money for Putting Liberal Arts to Work: Career Conference for Writers, Readers and Thinkers.

Putting Liberal Arts to Work

The Creative Writing Program hosted a career conference aimed at a broad spectrum of liberal arts and writing majors, offering an opportunity to explore career options that emphasize research, analysis and written communication skills. The March 15 conference showcased representatives from professions that hire English graduates, as well as professionals who forged successful careers from a liberal arts background. The keynote speaker was Timothy O’Leary, a UM alumnus who combined business with creative writing, and currently is CEO of the R2C Group, the largest consumer direct ad agency in the U.S. Breakout sessions on resume building, literary agents and freelancing, and the final panel on publishing, were well attended.

Emma Törzs (MFA 2012) had the story of the week, "Patchwork Elephant," on Narrative. Khaty Xiong’s (MFA 2013) poetry manuscript, Elegies, was selected as the winner of the 2013 Merriam-Frontier Award. The judges describe Xiong as a “writer who has found both her subject and her voice.” Her work is “smart, profound and thoughtful.” The Creative Writing Program celebrated with a reading by Xiong and a reception in the Poetry Corner. Xiong’s chapbook is due out mid-June. Xiong also has three poems forthcoming in Alice Blue Review's 20th issue. Philip Schaefer’s (first year MFA) poem, “Canceled Weather,” was selected by Michael Earl Craig as the winner of the Academy of American Poets College Prize for The University of Montana. John Bennett’s (first year MFA) “Boston Molasses Disaster of 1919” and Rachel Mindell’s (first year MFA) “Picture Tahoe” were both given honorable mention. Congratulations to our Creative Writing Scholarship winners for next year... Opus Scholarships: Brendan Jordan and Meagan Trainer; Margaret Beebe Memorial Scholarship: Erik Nielsen; O'Leary/Cardinal Award in Prose: Rikka Wommack; Richard Hugo Memorial Scholarship: Adam Lambert; Capote Fellow: Michael Hicks; Goedicke/Robinson Scholarship: Nick Bosworth; A.B. Guthrie Memorial Fund: Ryan Bell; Nettie Weber Scholarship: Caitlin Stainken; Greta Wrolstad Summer Travel Award: John Bennett; Creative Writing Scholarship: JP Kemmick; Alice Passano Hancock Davidson Scholarship: Jordan Konkol. Congratulations also to Caitlin Stainken for her Bertha Morton Scholarship through the Graduate School and her new position as the Undergraduate Research Assistant.  University of Montana celebrated its 120th "Charter Day" with a day-long schedule of events celebrating academics.  At the Provost’s request, Creative Writing selected two students to present at the luncheon.  Kaylen Mallard (MFA 2013) and Chelsea Elwood (undergradaute editor of The Oval) spoke eloquently of their experiences in the Creative Writing Program. At the end of their presentations they received individual recognition from President Engstrom, Provost Brown and Dean Comer.  Kerry Banazek (MFA 2011) was named a finalist in the 2013 Sawtooth Poetry Prize for her manuscript Torrents and Groundviews. Dan Beachy-Quick also selected Lauren de Paepe (MFA 2013) for her manuscript The Seeker Loves the Burden as a semifinalist for the prize. The annual University of Montana Innovation and Imagination Conference met on April 15. Judy Blunt presented a short lecture and reading about the role of oral storytelling in both teaching and learning creative writing.  Blunt's essay, "Occupying the Real West," in New Letters, was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Jeff Whitney (MFA 2012) and Sheila Black (MFA 1998) both have poems in Watershed Review. David Allan Cates' (MFA 1992) novel, Ben Armstrong's Strange Trip Home, won a Gold Medal for best fiction from the Independent Publisher Book Awards. Asta So (second year MFA) was awarded a grant from the Matthew Hansen Endowment Fund to research a nonfiction piece called, "What to Eat: The History and Evolution of Asian Cuisine in Western Montana." Carrie Laben's (MFA 2013) short story, "A Shot of Fireball," will be published in the anthology Handsome Devil. April Wilder (MFA 2006) has been busy since graduating. She was awarded the McCreight Fiction Fellow at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Then she became a PhD candidate in Creative Writing/Literature at The University of Utah. Now she has her first collection of stories coming out with Viking/Penguin in January 2014: This is Not an Accident. Her forthcoming novel is called I Think About You All the Time, Starting Tomorrow. Alice Bolin's (MFA 2011) poem, "Jawbreaker," and Michael Earl Craig's (BA 1994) poem "For Marcel, My Index Finger," are both published in Bat City Review. Molly Laich's (MFA 2011) story, "Black Dog, White Rhino," is published in Spork Press. JP Kemmick's (first year MFA) story, "The Outer Reaches of Love," is published in BarrelHouse. Melissa Kwasny (MFA 1999) read from Earth Recitals: Essays on Image and Vision (Lynx House Press, 2013) on Saturday, April 27, 5 p.m. at Shakespeare & Co., downtown Missoula. Noel Thistle Tague (MFA 2012) has a lyric essay, "Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Cards," in Black Warrior Review, a poem, "Housefires," upcoming in Salt Hill 31, and an essay on Erin Mouré forthcoming in translation from La Mariposa Mundial. Candie Sanderson (first year MFA) has four flash fiction pieces upcoming in BlazeVOX. She also has two book reviews, one published in the Journal of Southeast Asian American Education, and one in Metamorphosis. Rachel Finkelstein (first year MFA) has a review of Kate Durbin's chapbook, Kept Women, published in Lemon Hound. Ed Skoog (MFA 1996) and J. Robert Lennon (MFA 1995) have a new issue of Lunch Box: Nuclear Truffle. Scott Alexander Jones (2009) is moving to Lawrence, Kansas to start a PhD program in creative writing in the fall. Greg Pape's essay, "Finding Levine" is published in Coming Close: Forty Essays on Philip Levine (Prairie Lights Books, Iowa, 2013). English faculty member, Casey Charles, has a book of poetry recently published with Seven Kitchens Press -- Blood Work. Elisabeth Geier's (MFA 2011) story that she read for her thesis, "It's the Mud, It's the Mud," was published in Painted Bride Quarterly, Issue 86. Trina Burke (MFA 2008) has a new poetry chapbook, Wreck Idyll, with Dancing Girl Press. John Myers (MFA 2010) has two poems from the Griffith sonnets coming out in the spring issue of Lungfull. Zan Bockes (MFA 1990) read from her poetry collection, Caught in Passing, on Friday, April 26, 7 p.m. at Fact & Fiction, downtown Missoula. Prageeta Sharma read from her new book, Undergloom, on Sunday, May 12, 4 - 6 p.m. at Shakespeare & Co. in Missoula. John Bennett (first year MFA) has been accepted at the 2013 Frost Place Poetry Seminar. He also has four new poems in the Spring 2013 issue of The Manila Envelope. Joshua Fomon (third year MFA) has accepted an internship with Senator Harkin in Washington DC for the summer. Congratulations to the new MFA student genre editors for CutBank: Asta So, Brenden Oliva, Maud Streep and Candie Sanderson (fiction), Rachel Finkelstein, Kate di Nitto, Philip Schaefer and John Bennett (poetry) and Kate Nitze and Kimberly Bell (nonfiction). Rachel Mindell is the new Editor-in-Chief. Theodore McDermott's (MFA 2011) story, "The Minor Outsider," appears in Vice.  Emma Torzs' (MFA 2012) poem, "The Comet," was featured on Verse Daily. Jennifer Duffield White's (MFA 2012) poem, "On Confluence," appears in the Spring 2013 issue of Witness. David Gates' story, "An Actor Prepares," is in The Paris Review. Molly Laich (MFA 2011) was interviewed in Midwestern Gothic Issue 9. Alice Bolin's (MFA 2011) essay, "The Methodless Method: On the Teen-age Quotation Fetish," is in The New Yorker's March 26 Page-Turner Blog. Dana Fitz Gale (third year MFA) has a story in Arts & Letters. Laurel Nakanishi's (MFA 2013) collection, Manoa Makai, was chosen by Kimiko Hahn as the winner of the 2012 Epiphany poetry chapbook contest. Youna Kwak (MFA 2008) and Sarah Gridley (MFA 2000) both have poems in the Spring 2013 issue of Cerise Press. Andrew Martin's and BJ Soloy's (second year MFA) play "Salvage" was accepted by the Ten Minute Play competition and was performed at University of Montana on April 18 & 19. Wynne Hungerford's (undergraduate creative writer) story, See Wonderful Things, appears in the Spring 2013 issue of The South Carolina Review. Catherine Theis (MFA 2001) was accepted into the Creative Ph.D. at USC with a Provost's Fellowship (30k stipend for 5 years, first 2 years without teaching). Greta Wrolstad's (MFA class of 2006) posthumously published collection, Night is Simply a Shadow, is available for pre-order from Tavern Books.  Congratulations to Joanna Klink, one of the eight winners of the 2013  Award in Literature ($7,500) from the American Academy of Arts and Letters. Caitlin Stainken (first year MFA) has stories appearing in The Lantern (spring 2013 issue) and an anthology called Tales of the Undead (summer 2013).  Jeff Whitney (MFA 2012) has poems forthcoming in Salt Hill. Robert Stubblefield's essay, "October," is forthcoming in Basalt.  BJ Soloy (second year MFA) has three poems forthcoming in Ghost Town: "Big Howlin' Blind Monet & His Mud-lily Wolfband," "Of Bang & Blab," and "The Coast of Old Barbary." His poem, "Tableaux Vivants," will be published in the upcoming issue of New American Writing. Kim Zupan's (MFA 1984) novel The Ploughmen is forthcoming with Holt, spring 2014. MFA 2012 graduates Clint Garner, Kate Rutledge Jaffe and Jeff Whitney have started Peel Press, an independent literary press dedicated to identifying and nurturing genre-bending literary work. Their first title, Ken White's poetry collection Eidolon, will be released this spring. Visit for more information. Philip Schaefer's (first year MFA) poem "Dram" is forthcoming in Litconic. His poem "Ornithology" is going to be published this spring in 14 Hills. John Bennett (first year MFA) has poems forthcoming in Concho River Review and The Manila Envelope. Carrie Laben (third year MFA student) has two short stories "The Fledglings of Time" and "Bad Penny" that will appear, respectively, in the anthologies Zombies: Shambling through History and Shades of Blue and Gray: Ghosts of the Civil War, both coming in August of this year from Prime Books. Jordan Rossen's (second year MFA) story "Dust" is forthcoming in Reed magazine.

Winter 2013

Brandon Shimoda's (MFA 2006) fourth book of poetry Portuguese, a collaboration between Tin House and Octopus Press, was released. Aaron Shulman (MFA 2009) published essays in The Los Angeles Review of Books and The American Scholar. Rachel Mindell (first year MFA) was named the Editor-in-Chief of CutBank for 2013 - 2014. Samuel Jack (second year MFA) had three of his translations of Rilke's poems from Book of Hours published in Alchemy, the translation journal from UCSD. Jeff Whitney (MFA 2012) had three poems appearing in Saudade Review. He also had a broadside of his poem, "Letter to Cheef BooHoo," printed with Thrush Press. Daniel Cadigan's (BA 2012) story, "More Than Magazines," appeared in Cedilla VI. Naomi DeMarinis Kimbell's (MFA 2008) essay, "Sea Change," appeared on Pithead Chapel. Her essay, "Whistling in the Dark," previously published in Black Warrior Review, was anthologized in Blurring the Boundaries: Explorations to the Fringes of Nonfiction. Kimbell’s essay, "Bounty," published in the Iowa Review, was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Candie Sanderson (first year MFA) had three flash fiction pieces up on Two Serious Ladies. Dana Fitz Gale (third year MFA) had a story in Quarterly West. Wynne Hungerford's (undergraduate creative writing student) story, "What Even Clear Water Can Hide," appeared in the winter 2012-2013 issue of Whitefish Review. Suzy Bertsche, Maureen Palmersheim, Joseph Poling and Jenni Warren,  undergraduate creative writing students in the Montana Writers Live class, had their author reviews of Amy Ratto-Parks, Kelly Barth, Rick Bass and Sharma Shields appear on The Write Question blog in December. JP Kemmick (first year MFA) had a short story published in Pacifica Literary Review. Chris Dombrowski's (MFA 2001) second book of poems, Earth Again, was published by Wayne State University Press. MFA 2012 graduates Clint Garner, Kate Rutledge Jaffe and Jeff Whitney started Peel Press, an independent literary press dedicated to identifying and nurturing genre-bending literary work. Emily Danforth's (MFA 2006) The Miseducation of Cameron Post won the 2012 Montana Book Award. Erin Saldin's (creative writing lecturer) The Girls of No Return was one of four books honored by the Montana Book Award committee. Saldin’s story, "Homesteaders," was published in Five Chapters. Prageeta Sharma's poem, "Folly Stamp," was voted one of the reader's choice poems for 2012 on Ed Skoog had a new entry to his Lunchbox podcast with J. Robert Lennon, "Another Glass of Lasagna." Alice Bolin's (MFA 2011) poem "Watercolor Kit" was published in the February 1st issue of Guernica. Her poem "Yearbook" was in issue 15 of Octopus. Amy Ratto-Parks' (MFA 2004) poem "Tryptich" was published in issue 3 of Mojo. Andrew Martin (second year MFA) had a review of Nick Tosches' Me and the Devil in the "Briefly Noted" section of the Jan. 28 issue of The New Yorker. Kevin Canty 's story, “Mayfly,” was in the Jan. 28 issue of The New Yorker. See an interview about the story. Judy Blunt's essay, "Occupying the Real West," appeared in New Letters, vol. 78 nos. 3 & 4. Deirdre McNamer's second novel, One Sweet Quarrel, was reissued as part of Amazon's Book Lust Rediscoveries Series. Melissa Kwasny's (MFA 1999) Earth Recitals: Essays on Image & Vision was published with Lynx House Press. John Bennett (first year MFA) had poems in Concho River Review and The Manila Envelope. BJ Soloy's (second year MFA) poem, "Tableaux Vivants," was published in New American Writing. Emma Törzs' (MFA '12) story, "Come the Revolution," was in Ploughshares. Her poems, "The Comet" and "Ahab's Wife," were published in the Indiana Review. Her poem, "Watching Fireworks Alone," was published in Rattle. Törzs and Jennifer Duffield White (MFA '12) were both finalists in the Fall 2012 Narrative Story Contest. Jason MacLeod (MFA '09) was awarded an artist's grant to spend December 2012 at the Vermont Studio Center. His poem, "Poem at the End of the World," was published in Word Riot and another, "Reykjavik," is forthcoming in a yet to be titled anthology combining the artwork of Virginia Dehn and verse. Dillinger Steel's (Post-Graduate Student) song, “Contrary Warrior,” was recorded with his band Native Zen and posted on youtube. David Gates's story, "An Actor Prepares" was published in The Paris Review. Gates was also featured in With a Little Help From Our Friends: A Hunter MFA Anthology. Alice Bolin's (MFA '12) poem, "New Drawling,” was featured in the Nashville Review. Bolin also had articles in This Recording on Taylor Swift and Lindsay Lohan. Kate Rutledge Jaffe (MFA '12) had a short story, "Trickster," in The Missouri Review and a poem in Tin House. Her chapbook, “Coastal Again,” was a finalist in DIAGRAM's 2012 chapbook contest. Lauren de Paepe (second year MFA) had a poem online in LOG. Debra Earling was interviewed by Paulette Beete for the National Endowment for the Arts Artworksblog.

Fall 2012

Nicholas Gulig (BA ‘07), author of West of Center (Chamber Press, 2012), read in in Missoula as part of the Frontierspace series. Last year Gulig was a Fulbright Scholar studying contemporary Southeast Asian poetry in Thailand. Kevin Canty's Where the Money Went was on Selected Shorts the week of November 12. Samantha Duncan (second year MFA), Jordan Konkel, Rachel Mindell, and Maud Streep (first year MFA students) are serving as interns with the Missoula Writing Collaborative, teaching poetry in elementary schools. Rachel Mindell (first year MFA) had two poems, "Chile Cascabel" and "Chili Aji Amarillo" in the Horse Less Review. Justin Boening (BA ‘07) was selected by Dara Wier as the winner of the 2012 Poetry Society of America Chapbook Fellowship. Christopher Bolin (BA ‘00) has a book of poetry coming out with University of Iowa Press, The Tally. Bolin is the recipient of post-graduate fellowships from the University of Iowa and the MacDowell Colony. Fran Davis (MFA '96) had a story, "Soft City Seattle" in the Spring 2012 issue of Weber: Contemporary West. Davis also has a new teaching job at the University of Montana-Western. JP Kemmick’s (first year MFA) short piece on Necessary Fiction was posted November 7. Ryan Rickrode’s (second year MFA) story, "We Are the Pretty," published on Identity Theory. Sean Alan Cleary's (second year MFA) essay, "The Ontological Imperative of the Metric System," was in Beecher's magazine from the University of Kansas. Jordan Rossen's (second year MFA) story, "You Thrive Now," is forthcoming in the Baltimore Review. Alice Blue Books published Trina Burke's (MFA '08) chapbook, "The Best Divorce." Catherine Bailey (second year MFA) is teaching poetry this year at Rattlesnake Elementary School through the Missoula Writing Collaborative. Mark Gibbons (MFA '98), Art Homer (MFA '79), James Jay (MFA '98), and Miles Waggener (MFA '01) read poetry for Frontierspace on Saturday, October 13. Khaty Xiong’s (second year MFA) poem, "Pavor Nocturnus," was in Kartika Review. Laurel Nakanishi (MFA '12) started an Artists-in-Schools program in Nicaragua as part of her Fulbright. The program will place Nicaraguan writers and actors in schools and support them as they teach their craft to at-risk children. Noel Thistle Tague’s (MFA '12) lyric essay entitled "Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Cards" was in Black Warrior Review. Steven Rinella's (MFA '00) new book, Meat Eater: Adventures from the Life of an American Hunter, appeared in Dan Garner's October 2 article, "New Breed of Hunter Shoots, Eats and Tells" in The New York Times. Jeff Whitney’s (MFA '12) chapbook, The First Gesture, was a finalist for Orange Monkey's first-ever chapbook contest. Melissa Mylchreest (MFA '12) won the High Desert Journal 2012 Obsidian Prize for Poetry ($1000) for her poem, "For Jolene." Rachel Mindell's (first year MFA) poem, "Palomas Ave./Spruce Street," was in Interrupture. Lauren de Paepe (second year MFA) had a poem online at Pismire and poems in the fall issues of Echolocation and Handsome. Thomas Macfie's (undergraduate) poem, "7.5 Minute Map of Bedroom," was in Diagram. Carrie Laben's (third year MFA) essay, "Ferret's World: A Trip to the Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge," was in the Fall 2012 issue of the Montana Naturalist. Jordan Rossen's (second year MFA) story, "Modern Dance," was in Fourteen Hills. Gil Filar's (second year MFA) story, "Here for Life," was in Glimmer Train. Khaty Xiong's (second year MFA) poem "Bad Blood" was published in Lantern Review's online journal. Caroline Patterson (MFA ’94) published "The Geometry of Starting Over" in Southwest Review," "Bridge Night: A Fairy Tale," in Rose and "Neighboring on the Air" in She was awarded a residency at the Virgina Center for Creative Arts for winter 2013.   Robert Stubblefield was named a finalist for “Best Professor” in the Independent’s Best of Missoula contest. Cecile Berberat (second year MFA) won the Meadowlark Award ($1000) for her short story, "Want a Piece, Father?" The contest was judged by Richard Ford. Dana Fitz Gale (third year MFA) was awarded a $1000 scholarship from the National League of American PEN Women for her writing abilities. Clint Garner's (MFA '12) poem, "It is a Made Place," was published in the fall 2012 Seneca Review. Poems by Noel Thistle Tague (MFA '12) were in this same issue.

Summer 2012

Scott Alexander Jones' (MFA '09) poetry collection Elsewhere has been picked up by Black Lawrence Press. Laurel Nakanishi ( MFA '12) was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship for Nicaragua.  Dana Fitz Gale (third year MFA) won the Writers at Work fellowship competition. Her story "14 Tips for Selling Real Estate" appeared in Quarterly West, and she gave a reading in Utah. Also, Fitz Gale received honorable mention for the Intro Journal Awards and was a finalist in both the Tennessee Williams Short Story Contest and the Third Coast Fiction Contest. Jeremy Pataky (MFA '07) directs the Wrangell Mountains Center, which offered summer writing workshops with Justin Torres and Nancy Cook (July 27 - Aug. 2) and Dan Beachy-Quick and Jeremy Pataky (Aug. 12 – 17). Naomi Kimbell’s (MFA ’08) essay, “Bounty,” was published in the Iowa Review in August. Molly Laich’s (MFA ‘11) story “Stillwater” was in the new Flywheel and Burnt Bridge Press Collective anthology, Get Your Goat. Laich also had an interview with fiction writer Casey Hannon in Thumbnail and two feature pieces in the Missoula Independent.  Jamie Rogers (BA '12) had a feature article in the June 7 Missoula Independent, "The One that Got Away." Emma Torzs (MFA '12) had two stories out in The Cincinnati Review and Redivider. Erica Olsen’s (MFA ‘98 ) essay “Grand Canyon II” appeared in the summer/fall 2012 issue of Gulf Coast. Ryan Bell (second year MFA) had a feature article in the August issue of Western Horseman, ”Mongolia's Nomadic Heart." Alice Bolin (MFA ’11) had an article on the Beach Boys' reunion tour in PopMatters. Sharma Shields (MFA '04) read from Favorite Monster at Shakespeare & Co. in Missoula in July.  Noel Thistle Tague (MFA '12) will be attending the University of Pittsburgh Ph.D. program in Critical and Cultural Studies (Rhetoric and Composition track). Brett DeFries (MFA '11) will be attending the Ph.D. program at the University of Iowa in English. Anne-Marie Spidahl (MFA '09) will be attending the University of Minnesota Ph.D. program in literature.

Spring 2012

Congratulations to Joanna Klink, who was awarded the 2012 Jeannette Haien Ballard Writer's Prize ($25,000), given annually to "young writers of proven excellence in poetry or prose." Abi Keller's (MFA '09) first book, Lake People, which is a novel told in stories, will be published by Knopf in the spring of 2013. The book will be published under her married name, Abi Maxwell. You can read the first story," Giant of the Sea," in McSweeney's 3. Jamie Rogers (BA '11) received a first place "Best of the West" Award for his Missoula Independent story, "The Reckoning," about a man who killed two teenage girls in a drunk driving accident in Missoula. Laurel Nakanishi (second year MFA) will be in Nicaragua next year on a Fulbright Scholarship. Dana Fitz Gale (second year MFA) won the Writers at Work fellowship competition. Her story "14 Tips for Selling Real Estate" will appear in Quarterly West, and she will be giving a reading in Utah next month. Also, Fitz Gale got an honorable mention in the Intro Journal Awards and was a finalist in both the Tennessee Williams Short Story Contest and in the Third Coast Fiction Contest. Kevin Canty's "Where the Money Went" was featured on Selected Shorts, the acclaimed short story series broadcasted on 143 public radio stations nationwide weekly. The reading was a part of a show devoted to "Tales of Money, Power and Greed." Melissa Leavitt's (MFA '12) essay "Show Off," appeared in the Winter 2012 issue of Willow Springs. Her essay "Barn Dance," appeared in the Spring 2012 issue of Flashquake. Aaron Shulman's (MFA '09) article about the economic crisis in Spain, "The Fifty Days of the Hotel Madrid," was published in the Los Angeles Review of Books. Dana Fitz Gale (second year MFA) won the Arts and Letters Fiction Prize for her story, "Monsters of the Deep." She will be travelling to Georgia in the spring to give a reading. Laura Lampton Scott's (MFA '11) story, The T.V. Knows I'm Here, was in Monkeybicycle. Next year's visiting writer, Ed Skoog (MFA '96), has been short-listed by SLOG for the Genius Award. Noel Thistle Tague (second year MFA) will be attending the University of Pittsburgh Ph.D. program in Critical and Cultural Studies (Rhetoric and Composition track). Brett DeFries (MFA '11) will be attending the Ph.D. program at the University of Iowa in English. Anne-Marie Spidahl (MFA '09) will be attending the University of Minnesota Ph.D. program in literature. Kate Rutledge Jaffe (third year MFA) has two poems, "Hinterland" and "Made," forthcoming in the June issue of PANK. Her poem "To Know a Door" was a finalist in Booth's 2012 Poetry Prize, and her poem "From the Soft Fingers of the Highway" was a finalist in Third Coast's Poetry Contest. Michael Poage (MFA '73) has a new book of poetry, Voice Over (2012, SeaCliff Media). First year MFA students Cecile Berberat, Sean Cleary and Lauren de Paepe read at the Regional MFA presentation for Get Lit! in Spokane. Robby Nadler (MFA ’11) gave debut readings of his new manuscript in Paris and Morocco. While in Morocco, he spoke at a MENA conference with Tom Heely on a panel entitled "Speaking of Language: The Written Record." He will also be reading from the manuscript for a private event for the American Ambassador. He has been invited to sit in on a hybrid-forms panel at the Israeli literary conference, Tsuris and Other Literary Pleasures. His pantoum, "sunny morning-- eight legs" is forthcoming in The Offending Adam. Jeremy Pataky (MFA '07) directs the Wrangell Mountains Center, which will offer summer writing workshops with Justin Torres and Nancy Cook (July 27 - Aug. 2) and Dan Beachy-Quick and Jeremy Pataky (Aug. 12 - 17). Laurel Nakanishi (second year MFA) received a grant from Humanities Montana to place poems on Missoula's Mountain Line buses. Working together with the Missoula Writing Collaborative, Nakanishi has included poems by elementary school students as well as famous poets. "People often think that poetry only exists in books or greeting cards, but in actuality, it's all around us. Poetry can shape and articulate our world, it can slow us down and help us to pay attention, even during a morning commute," says Nakanishi. Emma Törzs (second year MFA) has "3 Stories" in the online journal Hobart. Törzs also has stories coming out next month in Redivider and the Cincinnati Review, and a story forthcoming in Ploughshares. The 2012 Academy of American Poets judge, Brian Teare, selected Noel Thistle Tague's (MFA '12) "Foundation" and Lauren de Paepe's (first year MFA) "The Crossing" as winning poems. Tony Ruzicka (second year MFA) received honorable mention for his poem "More Words." Congratulations to the following undergraduate students for their creative writing scholarships: Claire Mikeson--Alice Passano Hancock Davidson Scholarship, Kristine Quint--Margaret Beebe Memorial Scholarship, Melissa Lacock--James P. Welch Jr. Memorial Award, and Tyler Cross and Chelsea Elwood--Opus Scholarships. Congratulations to the following MFA students for their University scholarships and awards: Melissa Mylchreest--Merriam Frontier Award, Laurel Nakanishi--Greta Wrolstad Travel Award, Carl Corder and Cecile Berberat--Nettie Weber Creative Writing Award, Elisabeth Ambury--A.B. Guthrie Memorial Award, Myrrah Dubey and Nicholas Forrest--Goedicke/Robinson Scholarship, Catherine Bailey and Samantha Duncan--Creative Writing Donor Scholarships, and Dana Fitz Gale and Carrie Laben--Bertha Morton Scholarships.

Winter 2012

Prageeta Sharma traveled to India where she read with Meena Alexander, Kazim Ali, and Navkirat Sodhi at the Hyderabad Literary Festival. Sharma’s poem “Adversity” was published in the literary journal Witness. David Gates reviewed Elliot Perlman’s The Street Sweeper and Will Hermes' Love Goes to Buildings on Fire for the New York Times. Emma Törzs (second year MFA) was interviewed in Pank. Brett DeFries (MFA '11) won the New Delta Review Chapbook contest, judged by Catherine Wagner, for his manuscript The Light At The End Of The Tunnel Is An - Other Train Headed Our Direction. Joshua Fomon's (second year MFA) poem "Pasture" was published in the second issue of Ilk. His poems "Dreamhorse" and "To find a priceless home" were in Phoebe Journal. Ryan T. Bell (first year MFA), Carrie Laben (second year MFA) and Jennifer Duffield White (third year MFA) were all featured in the winter issue of Camas. Sean Cleary's (first year MFA) story "Skatewings" was in the winter issue of Orange Quarterly. Dana Fitz Gale's (second year MFA) story "Covenants," was published in the Indiana Review. Fitz Gale’s story, "After School," was nominated for a Pushcart. Alice Bolin's (MFA '11) poem, “Needing Montana,” was published in Quarterly West. Emily Jones (second year MFA) was a Glimmer Train finalist with "Real Live Girls." Her story was published on the Devil's Lake website. Melissa Mylchreest’s (second year MFA) poem, “Gap-tooth Girl,” was nominated for a Pushcart. 













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