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Undergraduate Creative Writing

For undergraduates interested in writing, University of Montana is a great place to start.  We offer students the  opportunity to work with highly-published faculty and become part of our nationally-recognized writing program.

We offer the following workshops:

  • Fiction (210, 310, 410)
  • Non-Fiction (212, 312, 412)
  • Poetry (211, 311, 411)

Registration for 200 and 300 level workshops is done through Cyberbear. There are no pre-requisites for 200 level workshops. The pre-requisites for 300-level workshops are 1) a 200 level workshop in the same genre (except nonfiction, which allows 210 and 212), 2) a minimum grade of B in the 200-level workshop, and 3) sophomore standing. The Deadline for submitting manuscripts to 400 level workshops for Spring 2015 is Friday, October 17.

Consent of the instructor is required for all CRWR 400-level fiction, nonfiction and poetry workshops.  To be considered for a workshop, email submissions and the following information to the course instructor. Ask Maria Mangold if you need email addresses or have any questions.

1.    The subject of the email shall contain the following information:

•    Submission for (instructor name), (course#)
Example:  Submission for Earling, CRWR 410

2.    The body of your email shall contain:   

•    Student name

•    Student ID number (790…)

•    Preferred email address and phone number

•    Order of preference if applying for more than one 400 level workshop
(Please note:  CRWR 410-02, CRWR 411, and CRWR 412 overlap/conflict)
Example:  I am applying for multiple 400-level workshops.  Here is my preference order: 
1.)  Earling; 2.) Canty; 3.) Fortini; 4.) Pape. 

•    Creative Writing Workshop History

CRWR 210    Stubblefield    Fall 2012
CRWR 211    Pape        Spring 2013
CRWR 310    Gates        In Progress

3.    Edit, revise, and electronically attach…
•    For Fiction workshops – one short story
•    For Poetry workshops – 2 or 3 poems
•    For Non-fiction workshops – 4-5 page sample of non-fiction  

4.    Note: You may apply to multiple workshops, but you must submit individually to each instructor.  Please include the order of preference (see item 2 above) in each email.  

•    Course lists of admitted students will be posted at the front desk in LA 133 on the morning of Monday, October 20, and issued an electronic override.  Waitlisted students will be contacted one-by-one when space becomes available in the course.  Please visit LA 133 in order to indicate whether you will accept your seat.  Initial beside your name to accept; cross off your name to decline. 

•    If you are admitted to the course, please register as soon as possible according to the priority registration timetable (April 21-May 2, 2014; details available on Registrar website).  If you are issued an electronic override but do not register by May 2, you may be dropped from the class to make room for students on the waiting list.  If not directly admitted, you may be placed on the waiting list.  Enrollment will fluctuate, and often students on the waiting list are admitted.