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The University of Montana
ISB 106
Missoula, MT 59812
Phone: 406.243.6003
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CBSD Sponsored Seminars

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Summer 2014 Seminars

Date Speaker Title Location
June 22-25, 2014

American Chemical Society: Northwest Regional Meeting (NORM)

CBSD Faculty led symposia at NORM:

Bringing the Protein Structure Initiative to Your Laboratory

Symposia Leader: Stephen R. Sprang

Protein Dynamics

Symposia Leader: Bruce E. Bowler


Symposia Leader: Edward Rosenberg


Symposia Leader: Valeriy Smirnov

Physical and Computational, Electron-Transfer, Reactivity, and Relaxation

Symposia Leader: J.B. Alexander (Sandy) Ross

Organic, Small Forces, Mountainous Outcomes

Symposia Leader: Orion Berryman

The University of Montana

Missoula, Montana

July 24, 2014

Louis J. DeFelice

Louis J. DeFelice

Virginia Commonwealth Univeristy, Medical Center

"How Amphetamine Releases Dopamine: Current Models of Drug Abuse"

(Co-sponsored by Center for Structural and Functional Neuroscience) 

Graduate Student luncheon to follow in SB387.

Skaggs Bldg. 169

11:00 A.M.

July 29, 2014

Brian Weitzner

Brian Weitzner

Johns Hopkins University

"Next-generation modeling: using all of the above approaches to improve antibody structure prediction."

CBSD Special Summer Seminar

Interdisciplinary Science Bldg. 110

12:00 PM

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