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Orientation Information for TAs

Graduate students who receive a teaching assistantship with the Composition Program are required to attend a weeklong orientation workshop in addition to enrolling in WRIT 540.

The Composition Program´s Orientation Workshop constitutes the beginning of a teaching assistant´s contractual work as a composition teacher at UM. The workshop is typically held from 9-4 the week prior to the start of classes. All incoming TAs will receive a letter from the English Department in June with more details.

Learning Outcomes for TA Orientation

New teaching assistants should strive to:

General Information about Writing 101

Here´s some basic information about the WRIT 101 course at UM:

These common points help give our composition program a coherent purpose and approach, and they help guarantee that each student who takes WRIT 101 at UM will have a similar experience and learn similar rhetorical strategies for researching and composing. Finally, common outcomes and approaches help guide instructors in designing day–to–day assignments as well as the arc of a semester.