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WRIT 101: College Writing I

The aim of this course is to help students become more effective writers and researchers by teaching flexible rhetorical strategies for researching and composing texts in different genres. Students must earn a C– or better in WRIT 101 as part of the general education requirements.

Currently, WRIT 101 focuses on sustainability as a "big idea" to inquire into during the semester for a couple of reasons: first, we quite simply care about the environment and human rights but recognize that the enormity of such problems as global warming or racism can seem too daunting for individuals to change. Many of us often don´t feel we have the power, the wherewithal, or the agency to change the world. However, we believe that thoughtful, committed individuals can make a difference, and this belief leads us to our second point – we see learning to write in college as a means of further educating you to be engaged readers and writers of the world we all live in and continue on your path of learning to be active, agile, and reflective learners. Learning to write in college includes considering where you stand in relationship to others´ beliefs, learning to work collaboratively and productively with others, and learning to critically engage new ideas and practices, and these skills and habits of mind are vital for being good students and interested citizens.

Students can expect assignments that will ask them to inquire into different personal, academic, and civic contexts and read, analyze, and compose in different genres. We teach writing and research as processes and use portfolios to support writing development over the course of the semester. Much of this work involves different kinds of collaboration, including small group workshops and discussions that take place in class, in conference, and in electronic forums. All WRIT 101 classes share the same policies on issues like attendance and late work, and face-to-face sections have no more than 24 students to support our workshop environment.

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