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Placement into WRIT 201

How does a student place into WRIT 201?

Students are placed into WRIT 201 based on the following ACT, SAT or MUSWA criteria:

If a student has scores ranging below and at this level, the highest score will be used to place him or her into a WRIT course. Students with these placements may elect to take either WRIT 101 or WRIT 201.

Students who transfer in the course equivalent of WRIT 101 may also elect to take WRIT 201.

Students without any of these scores or previous coursework must take the composition placement test for WRIT courses during their orientation in order to acquire placement. International and non-traditional students will rely on this method as a means of placement. At present, students who place into WRIT 201 from the composition placement test will need an override to get into the class.