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Past Theses

Our M.A. students continue to have success proceeding on to Ph.D. programs, finding placements at such prestigious institutions as the University of Arizona, the University of California–Berkeley, the University of California–Irvine, the University of Connecticut, Cornell University, the University of Illinois, the University of Kansas, the University of Michigan, the University of Oregon, the University of Pittsburgh, the University of South Carolina, Stanford University, the University of Texas–at Austin, the University of Washington, West Virginia University, and many others.

The following compilation of thesis titles (with committee chairs in parentheses) should provide a sense for the exciting range of research projects undertaken by our M.A. students through the years:


Adrianna Ely: "The Ecology of Empowerment: Gardens and Machines in Leslie Marmon Silko's Gardens in the Dunes and Almanac of the Dead" (Moore)

Kerry Fine: "Community, Body, and Landscape: Construction of Place in Molly Gloss's The Dazzle of Day and Ursula K. Le Guin's Always Coming Home" (Moore)

Meghan Lewis: "Moving Toward Uncertainty: Trauma and Commemoration in Jonathan Safran Foer's Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close and Colum McCann's Let the Great World Spin" (Reimer)

Katy McAlary: "Extremely Visual & Incredibly Communal: Trauma, Multimodality, and 9/11 Literature" (Reimer)

Amanda Peterson: "Orphanhood and the Search for Home in L. Frank Baum's The Wizard of Oz and Boris Pasternak's Doctor Zhivago" (Charles)

Zach Radford: "The Whale and the World in Melville's Moby Dick: Early American Empire and Globalization" (Kane)

Tom Seiler: "Apples to Apes: Comparative Freedom in Modern Literary Art" (Reimer)


Elizabeth Boeheim: "Writing Next to the West: A Spatial Consideration of Women in the American West" (Moore)

Tim Cook: "Charles Olson and the Aesthetics of Negative Capability: A Drafting of Postmodernity's 'Plan for a Curriculum of the Soul'" (Baker)

Samantha Dwyer: "Literature Meets Biology: An Evolutionary Approach to Literary Studies" (Glendening & Economides)

Nick Myers: "Violence and Rhetoric: Narrative Production in the Wake of Harper's Ferry" (Moore)

Dustin Pace: "Breaking Sound Barriers: Reading the Jazz Novel as a Model for More Flexible Social Interaction in a Globalized World" (Reimer)

Aaron Schneeberger: "Aesthetics of the Brink: Environmental Crisis and the Sublime in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and Philip K. Dick's Do Androids Dream of Electric Sleep" (Economides)


Yvonne Hammond: "Taming the Wild: On Womanhood, Nation, and Nature in Ann-Marie Macdonald's Fall on Your Knees and The Way the Crow Flies" (Reimer)

Matt Henry: "Salman Rushdie's Fiction in a Global Perspective: Hybridity and Fundamentalism in The Satanic Verses and The Moor's Last Sigh" (Reimer)

A.J. Jackson: "The Meaning of Pain in Cormac McCarthy's Border Trilogy" (Harrison)

Marley McKenna: "Bending Gen(re)der: A Negotiation of Identity through Language in Helene Cixous and the Self" (Charles & Kane)

Kyndra Meusel: "Moments of Being: Beauty in Virginia Woolf's Works" (Knight)


Dean Clement: "'The Last of the True:' The Kid´s Place In Cormac McCarthy´s Blood Meridian" (Harrison)

Mary Painter: "The Study of the Private: Eudora Welty´s Short Stories and Photography" (Knight)

Clare Sigrist–Sutton: "Protest and Proximity: The World Revolution of 1968 in Philip Roth´s American Pastoral and Mahasweta Devi´s Mother of 1084" (Kane, Baker)

Christina Van Roekel: "Homing to Authenticity: Iowa Testimony in Gilead" (Cook)

Kathleen Vickers: "'This Blessed Plot': Negotiating Britishness in Sam Selvon´s The Lonely Londoners, Hanif Kureishi´s The Buddha of Suburbia, and Zadie Smith´s White Teeth" (Reimer)

Veronica Vold: "Dwelling in Ecological Poetry: Emily Dickinson´s Nature Poems and Henry David Thoreau´s Walden" (Baker, Economides)


"Ahlam Abulaila: Woman in Islam: A Stereotyped Westernized Imagee in Nawal Al Saadawi´s 'Woman at Point Zero'" (Kane)

Andrea Armstrong: "The Millennial Garden: A Post–hybrid Reading of Zadie Smith´s White Teeth and On Beauty" (Kane)

Jason Cooper: "The Gospel According to Carey: Christian Hermeneutics in Bliss and Oscar and Lucinda" (Glendening)

Carly Dandrea: "William Apess: Autobiography and the Conversion of Subjectivity" (Moore)

Scott Howard: "Recreating Beowulf´s 'Pregnant Moment of Poise': Pagan Doom and Christian Eucatastrophe Made Incarnate in the Dark Age Setting of The Lord of the Rings" (Hunt, Kinch, Reimer)

Brenda Lamb: "Wallace Stevens´s 'An Ordinary Evening in New Haven': A Form of Farewell" (Baker)

Rebecca Lupold: "Dwelling and the Woman Artist in The Tenant of Wildfell Hall" (Economides)

Erika Mann: "Cinema´s Green is Gold: The Commodification of Irishness in Film" (Kane)

Allison Masters: "'The Sort..of People to Which I Belong': Elizabeth Gaskell and the Middle Class" (Glendening)

Rachel May: "Hauntings: Juliet´s Elegy for Past in Alice Munro´s 'Chance', 'Soon' and 'Silence'" (Charles)

Michael St. Thomas: "'Words Are No Good': The Curse of Signification and the Curse of Faulkner´s South" (Knight)

Paul Vestal: "Remember Gay Victims: An Exploration into the History, Testimony, and Literature of the Persecution of Homosexuals by the Third Reich and Their Effect on a Queer Collective Consciousness" (Charles)


Pandora Andre–Beatty: "Disrupted Conventions: Gender Roles in Mildred Walker´s The Curlew´s Cry and Winter Wheat" (Cook)

Michael Bigley: "Musicality, Subjectivity, and The Canterbury Tales" (Kinch)

Ann Emmons: "'Written on the Rocks': The Mythopoetics of the Almo Massacre" (Reimer, Kane)

Darcy Feder: "Reading Placelessness and Suburbanization in Richard Yates" (Harrison)

Steven Hawley: "Tracking the Trickster Home: The Animal Nature of Words in the Writing of Gerald Vizenor and Barry Lopez" (Moore)

Benjamin Kuntz: "Hunters in the Garden: Yup´ik Subsistence and the Agricultural Myths of Eden" (Moore)

Maria Nissi: "Silent Cowboys and Verbose Detectives: Masculinity as Rhetoric in Wister, Hammett, and Chandler" (Harrison, Kane, Flores)

Agatha Shwayder: "Cracking our Weariness and Contrition: Confronting the Last State of the Heart in Jorge Luis Borges´s 'The Garden of Forking Paths' and Jorge Volpi´s In Search of Kingsor" (Charles)

Lauren Goodwin Slaughter: "Bishopness" (Charles)

Emily Yaksitch: "Considering Connections: Race, Identity and Leadership in Paul Beatty´s The White Boy Shuffle" (Itagaki)


Jill Beauchesne: "How Still the Riddle Lies: Emily Dickinson´s Sense of Naturalness" (Baker)

Brian Grosenbaugh: "Resistance on the Imperial Terrain: Constructing a counter–Empire in Paul Beatty´s The White Boy Shuffle" (Itagaki, Kane)