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LARC History, since 2005


2013 - 2014

September 27

Dr. Ona Renner-Fahey, Assoc. Prof. of Russian (MCLL): "The Wood Sprite as Modernist Nostalgia for Old Russia.”

October 25

Dr. Quan Ha, Assist. Prof. of English: "Lan Cao's Monkey Bridge and Problematic Representations of History."

February 21

Robert Knapp, M.A. in Literature Candidate: “Orphic Ecology: A Reading of Ovid and Robert Duncan” 

Jeremy Reed, M.A. in Literature Candidate: "A Both/And Reading Event: The Mystic Shift in David Foster Wallace's The Pale King"

March 14

Cristelle Maury, Visiting Professor of English (Universite de Toulouse): "Film noir and comedy: an aesthetic of jarring and laughing chaos"

April 25

Rob Browning, Visiting Professor of English: "Anna Letitia Barbauld’s 'A Summer Evening’s Meditation' and the Cosmic Voyage Since Paradise Lost"


2012 - 2013

October 26

Katie Kane ( Associate Professor of English): “Palestine on the Ground: Zionism and the Reduction of the West Bank.”

November 16

Benedicte Boisseron (Associate Professor of French, MCLL): "After Jacques Derrida: The Creole Animal Question."

February 8

Jennifer Lodine-Chaffey (M.A. Literature candidate): "Assertions of Individuality at the Scaffold: Executions of Tudor Nobility.”

March 1

Robert Seidman (Visiting Scholar): "The Pleasures and Challenges of Joyce's Ulysses.”


2011 - 2012

September 23

Linda Woodbridge (Visiting Professor and Professor Emeritus of English, Penn St. University): “Why Did They Adore Revenge?”


October 28

John Hunt (Associate Professor of English): “A New Website for Joyce’s Ulysses?”


November 18

Nancy Cook (Associate Professor of English): "Living and Working in a Man's World: Women and Glacier National Park, 1910-1988"

February 10

Ashby Kinch (Assoc. Prof. of English): “The Mediating Image of Death in late Medieval Culture”


March 23

Adrianna Ely (M.A. Literature candidate): “The Global Garden: Transnational Bioregionalisms in Leslie Marmon Silko’s Gardens in the Dunes”


April 20

Kate Shanley (Professor of Native American Studies): "Indigenous Intellectualisms: Activism in the Time Warp”


2010 - 2011

September 23
Patrick Cheney (Distinguished Alumnus, Penn State University): "'The forms of things unknown': English Authorship and the Early Modern Sublime"

October 8
Chris Comer (Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences) and Ashley Taggart (IES Abroad Director, Dublin): "Plurabilities: Brain, Mind and the Imagination and Anglo-Irish Literature"

November 19
Benjamin Adams (M.A. candidate, English): "'Yet another artifact leached out of the earth': Style, Character and the Texture of Death in Cormac McCarthy's Suttree"

December 3
Nat Levtow (Assitant Professor of Liberal Studies): "'You Have Burned this Scroll': The Production and Destruction of Texts in the Bible and the Ancient World"
CHANGE: This Colloquium will be held at 4:30pm.

February 11

John Glendening (Professor of English): “Science, Religion, and Ichthyosaurs in the Victorian Postmodern Past”

March 18

Louise Economides (Associate Professor of English): "Romantic Wonder and Sublime Pollution in Postmodern Art"


2009 - 2010

October 31
A.J. Jackson (M.A. Literature candidate): "The Meaning of Pain: Coming of Age in McCarthy´s Border Trilogy"

January 29
Lisa Simon (Visiting Professor of English): "Materials and Myths: The Anthropoetics of H.D."

February 19
Ruth Vanita (Professor of Liberal Studies): "‘The Joys of Delhi:’ Female Urbanity in Early 19th–Century Urdu Poetry"

March 12
Debra Earling (Professor of English): "The Lost Journals of Sacajawea"

April 16
Heather Bruce (Professor of English) and David Moore (Professor of English): "The Rhetorics and Poetics of Peacebuilding"


2008 - 2009

September 12
Angelica Lawson (Assistant Professor of Native American Studies): "Resistance and Resilience in the Poetry of Tohono O´odham Writer Ofelia Zepeda"

October 17
Jill Bergman (Associate Professor English): "‘Sometimes I feel like a motherless child’: Motherhood and Nation in the Novels of Pauline Hopkins"

November 14
Katie Kane (Associate Professor English): "Reading Georgio Agamben´s State of Exception"

February 13
Brady Harrison (Professor of English): "‘man´s meat ain´t proper meat’: The Big Sky, Cannibalism, and the Clap"

March 13
Lynn Itagaki (Assistant Professor of English): "Civility, Proximity, Intimacy"

April 10
Brian Blanchfield (Visiting Professor of English): "The Prospect Poem and Google Earth: Aerial View and Vantage in Romantic and Contemporary Poetic Composition"

April 17
Eric Reimer (Assistant Professor English): "Post–Imperial Cartography in Eoin McNamee´s Resurrection Man"


2007 - 2008

February 29
Chris Knight (Professor of English): "Omissions are not Accidents"

March 14
Yvonne Hammond (M.A. Literature candidate), "Taming the Wild: An Examination of Canadian Identity Formation and the Environment Through the Voice of Ann–Marie MacDonald"

April 11 Benedicte Boisseron (Assistant Professor of French): "Love Speech in the Literature from the French Antilles"


2006 - 2007

February 2
Heather Bruce (Professor of English): "I´d Rather Teach Peace: A Case for Feminist Peace Rhetorics."

March 16
Nancy Cook (Professor of English): "Martha Stewart in the Wilderness?: Women in the National Parks"

April 6
Michael Lukas (M.A. Literature candidate): "Prospects for a Nietzschean Ecology"

April 20
Robert Stubblefield (Lecturer, Dept. of English): "By Some Gliding Stream: Walton, Wordsworth and the Riverscape Legacy of the Aesthetic."


2005 - 2006

September 16
Dr. Lynn Itagaki (Assistant Professor of English): "Unmassing the Media, Securing the Suburbs: From the 1992 Los Angeles Uprising to Post–9/11."

October 14
David Moore (Associate Professor of English): "From Genocide to the Seventh Generation: Sherman Alexie Rewriting America."

November 18
Casey Charles (Associate Professor of English): "Dramatizing Law´s Fictions: Straight Jury for a Gay Murder in Mann´s Execution of Justice"

December 2
Lydia Willoughby (M.A.–Literature candidate), "‘Bookaneers’: Literary Property and Authorship in Antebellum America."

March 3
Louise Economides (Assistant Professor of English)

March 17
Desiree Cromwell and Erin Hendel (M.A. Literature candidates)

April 21
Rob Browning (Visiting Professor of English)