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Requirements for the M.A. Degree

Graduate students have two options for completing the M.A. degree in English Teaching:

Strand One

This program is designed to extend and enrich the professional development of experienced middle school and high school teachers of English language arts. Upon admission to the program, you should consult with either Professor Heather Bruce or Professor Beverly Chin to serve as your program advisor. With your advisor, you will plan a minimum of thirty–six (36) graduate credits, including:

1. Three (3) courses from the following ENT 500–level courses:

2. Two (2) courses from the LIT 500–level literature seminars

3. One (1) course in linguistics (unless this requirement was fulfilled at the undergraduate level). We recommend ENLT 465/LING 465: Structure and History of English for Teachers. This course should be taken for graduate credit.

4. One (1) course in 20th century critical theory (unless this requirement was fulfilled at the undergraduate level). We recommend ENT 546: Theories of Literary Criticism for Teachers.

5. Electives in ENT, LIT (Literature), ENLI (Linguistics), WRIT (Composition & Rhetoric), ENFM (Film Studies), and ENIR (Irish Studies).

6. ENT 593: Professional Paper (1–4 credits). ENT 593 provides individual guidance and mentoring during the research and writing of the professional paper for completion of the M.A. degree.

NOTES: (1) You may include up to 9 graduate credits (of the minimum 36 credits) from courses outside the English Department (i.e., credits not derived from ENT, LIT, ENLI, ENCR, WRIT, ENFM, and ENIR classes); (2) If you have graduate credits from another institution or program, you may petition to transfer up to 9 graduate credits. If you have graduate credits that are older than six (6) years, you may petition to include them in the 36 credits. Petitions should be made during your second semester of your coursework; (3) At least 50% of your total graduate credits, not counting professional paper credits, must be at the 500–level or above.

Strand Two

This program option is designed for individuals who have a B.A. in English and who wish to be licensed at the secondary level (grades 5–12) while they work on the M.A. in English Teaching. With additional coursework, field experiences, and student teaching, individuals may receive licensure and an M.A. degree. In addition to applying to the M.A. in English Teaching, you should apply as well to the M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction so that you can take licensure courses at the graduate level. Your program advisor in English Teaching (Professor Heather Bruce or Professor Beverly Chin) as well as the Secondary Licensure Advisor and/or the M.Ed. advisor in the College of Education–in Curriculum & Instruction will help you plan your program.

To be licensed in secondary English language arts (grades 5–12) in Montana, you must have a B.A. in English and have the following courses in English (or their equivalents):

NOTES: (1) You´ll notice that most of the above English courses, with the exception of LIT 300, carry graduate status and thus can apply to the minimum thirty–six (36) graduate credits for the M.A. degree; (2) Up to nine (9) graduate credits outside of English (i.e., the C & I courses with graduate credit) may be applied to that minimum of 36 credits; (3) You may take ENT 546 (Theories of Literary Criticism for Teachers) in place of LIT 300; (4) Specific 500–level ENT courses may be used as substitutes for ENT 439, 440, 441, and/or 442. Here are the approved substitutions (consult with Professor Bruce or Professor Chin regarding other possible substitutions):