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Environmental Studies Program
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The University of Montana
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Environmental Studies Archives

These are earlier announcements that we just could not part with.



Congratulations, 2013 Graduates !!!

New Masters of Environmental Studies above

New Bachelors of Environmental Studies below

Outstanding Seniors of 2013               Env. Studies faculty thanks director Len Broberg for his service

Environmental Studies Sweeps 2013 Greening UM Awards


Each Earth Day, UM recognizes people who have made outstanding contributions to Greening UM.

Congratulations to the Environmental Studies Students who swept the 2013 Greening UM awards !

    Robin Saha -- faculty award      Katie Nelson -- student award

    Ian Finch -- staff award (Ian is an Environmental Studies alum who runs Dining Services Farm to College program)

    Jim Burchfield, Forestry Dean, received the administrator award.  But he could not attend, and the award was accepted for him by Climate Change coordinator Nicky Phear, another Environmental Studies alum. They're everywhere!

Environmental Studies Students complete Permaculture Design certification


Four Environmental Studies Students just completed a fun & formidable Permaculture Design certification course that ran from February to April 2013. They received certificates from the Cascadia Permaculture Institute. The course involved lectures, multimedia presentations, field trips, & group projects. The group projects involved designing permaculture makeovers for parks, homesteads and a brewery in our area; and elements of these designs will likely be used at many sites. Congratulations to these Permaculture Design graduates--Drew Lefebvre, Jonathan Nelson, Mark Wayne and Vicki Watson. This team developed an integrated design for these sites: UM FLAT, Rankin Peace Park and Riverfront Park. Stay tuned for future reports from this team on the implementation of their designs.

Environmental Studies students attend Climate Talks in Poland. story here

The University of Montana Student Delegation. From left to right, Mara Menahan, Stephanie Lackey and Sam Dexter.





Local is Delicious, But It's Not Always Easy

Sixteen Environmental Studies graduate students conducted community-based action research for and about the Western Montana Growers Cooperative during fall 2012. They presented the findings of their case study to the Co-op's Board of Directors and key partners in the values-based supply chain in December. The written report, titled "Local is Delicious, But It's Not Always Easy" will be available in early 2013.


Environmental Studies Students Create New Nature Writing Anthology

Led by Portland author David Oates, Environmental Studies graduate writing students in the Spring 2012 Visiting Writer course created The Natural History of Now: Reports from the Edge of Nature, an anthology of nature & environmental writing that includes writing from each of the students as well as from 12 other writers from around the country. See cover and advance praise here. Available at Amazon, Kelson Books, and Camas Magazine in Environmental Studies. Natural History of Now



Congratuations 2012 EVST graduates -- Happy Trails!





Congratulations 2011 Graduates! Happy Trails!

2011 Graduates 2011 Graduates All

Before and after the late arrivals and the wind trying to blow the grads away.


Outstanding graduating Seniors of 2011 - Great Job! Outstanding Graduating Seniors


Morgen Hartford, Joel Tatz-Morey, Drew Little, Emily Schembra, Ellie Long, Ricki Brokaw

Outstanding Senior Darren Cook

Outstanding Senior Darren Cook was unable to be at the ceremony, but you can see how he is keeping busy.






Environmental Studies Students visit Vietnam. See their stories at and

Ecopentathalon 2011

Ecopentathalon 2011

Many Environmental Studies students spent April 16 & 23, 2011, working on earth service projects around Missoula, including river cleanup, prairie restoration, recycling, & community gardening. Here are the Ecopentathletes with their bikes.

Ecopentathalon 2011







Environmental Studies Professor Vicki Watson has been named 2011 Sustainabilty Advocate of the Year by the Missoula Sustainable Business Council.



Environmental Studies Turns 40

Environmental Studies turned 40 in 2010. Alums who attended. Support Environmental Studies.

Environmental Studies Students Win National Awards

Every year, Clinton Global Initiative University (CGI U) picks ten environmental projects to receive Outstanding Commitment Awards, and two of them have come from within UM's Environmental Studies program. The featured environmental award for 2010 was the 1000 New Gardens Montana project. View Environmental Studies undergrad Zach Brown's interview.

Environmental Studies Graduate Student wins Clinton Global Initiative Award

Michelle Lanzoni's project "Thirst" won a Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) award, which will fund the start-up of her water infrastructure projects in Palestine. Michelle's goal is to develop simple do-it-yourself models for wastewater treatment, rainwater harvesting, and rooftop solar distillation. Michelle spent 8 months in the Middle East to learn about water issues there. The CGI was started by President Clinton in 2005 to bring together a wide range of leaders dedicated to developing solutions to the world's most pressing problems. The CGI University engages the next generation of leaders - students aiming to improve communities and lives around the world.


Congratulations 2010 Env Studies Graduates

John Hollenbeck

Honoring John Hollenbeck

Environmental Studies faculty & students honored John Hollenbeck, a rancher in the upper Clark Fork basin who has worked hard on conservation & restoration of the watershed. John received an honorary doctorate from UM. He was nominated by Environmental Studies faculty and alumni.

Outstanding Student Leaders at UM

Quite a few Environmental Studies Students were nominated for outstanding student leaders this year, including Ian Finch, Emily Schembra, Derek Kanwischer, Patrick Rhea (an honorary Environmental Studies Student). In addition, UM Climate Action Now (a student group with many Environmental Studies members was nominated for the Sentinel Service Award. Thanks to all these folks for their hard work.


Earth Day's 40th anniversary was celebrated in Missoula with many earth service projects on April 17 & 24, 2010 (stream & prairie clean ups & restoration, recycling relays, building bikes, digging new gardens & more. One intrepid group rode their bikes from event to event in the Ecopentathalon, see below. Mother Earth thanks all the Earth Service workers.


Earth Service Day workers control their gag reflexes & sort recyclables at UM Recycling shed.

Ecopentathalon Recycling


2ND annual Northwest Real Food Youth Convergence: UM Missoula, February 12-14, 2010.

Many Environmental Studies students helped bring this event to Montana. The Real Food Challenge is both a campaign and a network to increase the purchase of real food on college and university campuses, with the national goal of 20% real food by 2020. Real food means nutritious, sustainably grown food, as locally produced as possible. The RFC Youth Convergence featured a variety of workshops for youth leaders in the food movement.

Watershed Health Clinic Stream Team Debuts on YouTube
The UM Watershed Clinic's Stream Team has covered a lot of Montana territory in the past 9 years as they helped the Montana Department of Environmental Quality characterize Montana's streams and lakes. A few recent stream encounters are recorded on this youtube video, starring Amy Edgerton, Katie Makarowski, & Nebojsa Vlajic, and this video, starring Jonathan Leiman, Dan Hatley & Kelley Garrison. The Montana landscape stars in both. Don't you wish you were there?


UM Environmental Studies Students Report on their Role at Copenhagen Climate Negotiations
Three Environmental Studies students, left to right below, Melissa Hayes (Blog), Yaicha Bookhout (Blog, Twitter) and Zach Brown (Blog), were credentialed by SustainUS and attended the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change meetings in Copenhagen, Denmark from December 7-18, 2009. The students were supported by the Wiancko Family Foundation, the UM Provost's Office and an anonymous foundation. The students chronicled the negotiations, their experiences and the actions of non-governmental parties in blogs and by twitter.

Melissa Hayes Yaicha Bookhout Zach Brown

For Day of the Dead, Nov. 2, 2009, this mandala was created in Missoula's Caras Park by community members including some Environmental Studies alums and students. The nontoxic colored sawdust was later composted. This is part of a Global Mandala of 32 nations. To learn more or to contribute towards the cost of making a short film on Missoula's Manadala, go to

Global Mandala

Environmental Studies Alum Recognized as Eco-Daredevil
Katie the Eco Daredeil Environmental Studies alum Katie Makarowski ('09) has been selected as one of two recipients of the second-annual Eco-Daredevil award. The national award was inspired by Evel Knievel, the daredevil, who hitchhiked from Montana to Washington DC with a huge bull elk rack to protest the culling of elk in Yellowstone in 1961. The award was created to recognize young people who take risks and make a difference for the environment. The nomination letters told of her life long environmental activism, her tenacity in dealing with reluctant participants in environmental studies -- from cows to bureaucrats -- her carless, meatless, reuse-oriented life style. More about the award here. Congratulations, Katie!

Congratulations 2009 Graduates!

                                       Keep making a difference!

EVST Grads 2009

Congratulations Outstanding Seniors of 2009!

EVST Outstanding Seniors 2009

Shannon Kuhn, Martha Sample, Rustin Mitchell, Brant Cebulla, Saara Snow, Belinda Hays

More Awards for Environmental Studies

Congratulations to Phil Condon and Jessie Davie for being named the Missoula Sustainable Business Council (SBC) Advocates of the year for 2008 for work on the UM Greenhouse Gas Inventory.

Environmental Studies undergrad Laura Mahoney recently won the Outstanding Volunteer of the Year Award from the UM Office of Civic Engagement for her volunteer work with homeWORD.

At UM's 116th birthday party on February 12, 2009, Environmental Studies grad student Jessie Davie, ASUM's sustainability coordinator, received the ASUM Student Service Award. AND Environmental Studies professor Phil Condon received the UM Panther Award (doesn't he look like a panther?) No wait.. it's the UM Pantzer Award! Which means he's a great humanitarian! Congratulations Jessie & Phil.


UM's Green Initiatives
UM made some important strides towards sustainability in 2008, often under the leadership of Environmental Studies students and faculty who serve on UM Sustainability & Recycling Committees. UM hired a full time Recycling Coordinator and a full time Sustainability Coordinator (see here). In addition, UM student government has a student sustainability coordinator, and Dining Services has a sustainability coordinator. UM is making more use of green building design principles, and the new Native American Studies Center will be LEED-certified. A Greenhouse Gas Inventory was conducted (by Jessie Davie of Environmental Studies) to identify where UM could best reduce its carbon emissions, and UM will be working hard to meet the MT Governor's call for all state agencies to reduce energy use by 20% by 2010. In the area of teaching, UM will be offering a climate change minor and is also initiating a Green Thread Curriculum to weave sustainability throughout the UM curriculum. Environmental Studies students provided UM with information on green cleaning products and initiated a program to remodel some UM housing to provide demonstration sites in green living (see UM FLAT).

For more on Greening UM (including contact info for UM sustainability workers), see

Congratulations Karen: Environmental Studies' very own Karen Hurd received the 2008 UM Outstanding Service to Students Award. Much deserved. Drop by the Environmental Studies office and say Congratulations! And come to the Awards Reception in the UC Ballroom on April 23, 4-6pm.

Outstanding Students: On April 22, 2008, the following Environmental Studies students were recognized at the UM Student Leadership awards -- Cori Ash, Shannon Kuhn, Paige Browning and Kendra Kallevig (who won the award in fall 2007). In addition, Paul Kerman, Environmental Studies graduate student and UM Recycling Intern was recognized along with other outstanding student workers at UM, at a reception at the Davidson's Honors College on April 15.

Environmental Studies Undergrads Rule: 3 Udall scholarship winners this year (2008)! Congratulations to Cleo Woelfe-Erskine, Shannon Kuhn, and Whitney Gaskill. UM continues to have more Udall winners than any other school. Only 2 others (Cornell & American Univ) had 3 winners this year.

Environmental Studies undergrad Andrew Erickson won a Truman Scholarship (a national merit based scholarship). Congratulations, Andy!

Asbestos Ordinance: In February 2008, the Missoula City Council passed an asbestos ordinance that came directly out of the professional paper recommendations of Environmental Studies graduate student Holly Truitt. Missoula had the worst compliance in Montana with state asbestos regulations. Buildings were being demolished without asbestos inspections. Now we can all breathe easier, literally. Big snaps to Holly!

Environmental Studies Students Win National Essay Contest on Sustainable Energy
Three UM students have placed # 3 in Johnson Controls' national essay competition - Tomorrow's Energy Ambassadors, Managers, and Scholars (TEAMS) competition. Their essay was selected over essays from Teams at Duke, Purdue, Emory and Boston University (and many more). The brilliant essay team from UM includes: ASUM President Dustin Leftridge (Environmental Studies/Geology), Jessie Davie (Environmental Studies grad student & ASUM sustainability coordinator), and Emily Peters (UM Facilities Services sustainability coordinator). Students were asked to write a letter to the 2008 US Presidential Candidates, presenting the need for a sustainable energy strategy for the US and challenging the candidates to develop and state their positions and action strategies to achieve energy sustainability. More on the competition here.


Congratulations to Vicki Watson on receiving Montana Natural History Center's 2007 Nature Educator Award. Well deserved!

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