Geography Graduate Colloquium (GPHY 500)

Tuesdays 3:40-5:30 p.m.
Old Journalism Building Room 217

~ 2010 Fall Schedule ~


31 - Sarah Halvorson (Associate Professor and Chair, Geography), Welcome and Introductions


7 - Rick Graetz (Lecturer, Geography), The Crown of the Continent and Yellowstone: A Grand Collection of Geography and History

14 - Jeffrey Gritzner (Professor, Geography), Restoring Nature's Legacy:  A Medley of Initiatives 

21 - Brandon Krumwiede (Adjunct, Geography) and Donald Alford (Independent Consultant in Glaciology and Mountain Hydrometeorology; Faculty Affiliate, Geography), The Role of Glaciers in Stream Flow Formation: Karakoram Himalaya

28 - Kevin McManigal (Graduate Student, Geography),  A Century of Glacial Change in Mongolia - A Geographic Perspective on a Global Issue


5 - Shah Faisal Khan (Graduate Student, Geography) and Sarah J. Halvorson (Associate Professor, Geography), The October 5, 2005 Pakistan Earthquake: Five Years Later

12 - Aili Kang (Wildlife Biologist, Wildlife Conservation Society), Wildlife and Conservation in the Kunlun Shan and Tibetan Steppe

19 - Jerry Grebenc (Community Technical Assistance Program, Montana Department of Commerce), Insights on Community Planning and Land Use in Montana

26 - Keith Bosak (Assistant Professor of Tourism and Recreation, College of Forestry and Conservation), Deconstructing the 'Crown of the Continent': Power, Politics and the Process of Creating National Geographic's Geotourism Mapguides


2 - Marco Maneta (Assistant Professor, Geosciences), Where is the Information? Spatial Propagation of Hydrologic Information

9 - Philip Maechling (Historic Preservation Officer and Preservation Planner for Missoula’s Office of Planning and Grants), Saving Places

16 - Tom Seekins (Professor, Department of Psychology and Director of Research, UM Rural Institute) and Alexandra Enders (Research Associate, UM Rural Institute Research and Training Center on Disability in Rural Communities) What and Where is Rural?

23 - Laurie Yung (Associate Professor, Forestry) and Wylie Carr (Doctoral Candidate, Forestry), Scale, Science and Justice in Climate Engineering

30 - Thomas Sullivan (Adjunct, Geography), Fear and Loathing in Haiti: The Politics of Space in a Desperate Place


7 - Tam Wall (Adjunct, Geography), Place Identity: Looking at Wildfire Risk and Hazards Through Connections to the Places People Love