Community and Environmental Planning Option

Undergraduate Program

In addition to satisfying the general requirements for a degree in geography, the student desiring to achieve the option in community and environmental planning must complete a minimum of 12 additional credits as follows: GEOG 465 and GEOG 468, plus four of the following five courses: GEOG 315S, GEOG 335, GEOG 412S, GEOG 432, GEOG 435. (These courses can concomitantly satisfy the 300- or 400-level core requirement in geography and society, and human-environment interaction.) An internship is strongly recommended.

Graduate Program

This option provides students with training in planning (urban, rural, transportation, environmental, and natural resources) and prepares them for employment in local, state, and federal agencies as well as the nonprofit and private sectors. Additionally, this option prepares students for doctoral studies in related fields (thesis track). In addition to courses in geography, student may select courses in sociology, environmental studies, forestry, political science and other relevant disciplines.