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Doug Brugger

Brugger, Doug


Office: CHCB 344



Current Office Hours

Wednesdays 12-2 pm, also by request


2010 B.A. in Physics from The University of Montana-Missoula

2013 M.S. in Civil & Environmental Engineering (Water Resources Engineering Program) from The University of Wisconsin-Madison

Stated Fall 2013 as a PhD Student at UM

Courses Taught

Intro to Geology Lab (GEO 102) & Geosphere Surface processes (GEO 228)

Teaching Experience

I had the fantastic opportunity to lecture Introductory Physics for two semesters (Summer-Fall 2010) at the University of Montana.

Research Interests

I'm broadly interested in the behavior of Human actors in hydrologic systems.  My research focus is on the response of agricultural water users to water stress.

Field of Study

Computational Hydrologic Modelling

Remote Sensing of water budget components

Specialized Skills

Programming experience in MATLAB, R, & FORTRAN (and soon Python, knock on wood)

Experience running the hydrologic models SWAT, HEC-HMS, & HydroCAD, the analytic groundwater model MODFLOW, and the river hydraulics model HEC-RAS.

Other software experience includes extensive use of ArcGIS, as well as the University of Wisconsin models FEHT (Finite Element Heat Transfer) & WinSTABL (for slope stability analysis)

Professional Experience

I've been a non-stop student so far, though I worked on a temporary consulting project with my advisor at UW-Madison, Prof. Kenneth Potter.  We advised a manufacturing firm that was invloved in a lawsuit over the return period of a flood that destroyed one of their facilities.

Honors / Awards

2011 Arthur D. Frasier Fellow for the Civil & Environmental Engineering Department at UW-Madison

2013-14 Fellowship from the Montana Institute on Ecosystems, part of the National Science Foundation's EPSCoR Track-1 program

2014 Awardee of a Montana Water Center Fellowship