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Marc Hendrix

Hendrix, Marc

Phone: (406) 243-5278

Office: CHCB 359


Professor of Geology


Curriculum Vitae


My students and I study the sedimentary record of Earth with a focus on understanding the records of tectonics and paleoclimate and applying that information to better predict the nature and distribution of energy resources.


Ph.D. in Applied Earth Sciences, 1992, Stanford University

M.S. in Geology and Geophysics, 1987, University of Wisconsin-Madison

B.A. in Geology, 1985, Wittenberg University

Courses Taught

I teach or co-teach the following courses:


GEO442 - Architecture of sedimentary deposits

GEO443 - Sedimentary Petrology

GEO231 - Geoscience field methods

GEO326 - Sedimentary Geology spring break trip

GEO528 - Sedimentary basin analysis

GEO429 - Field Geology

Field of Study

sedimentary geology

Selected Publications

Hendrix, M.S., 2011, Geology Underfoot in Yellowstone Country: Mountain Press, Missoula, MT, 302 p.

Hofmann, M.H. and Hendrix, M.S., 2010, Depositional processes associated with deglaciation of the Cordilleran Ice Sheet: the sedimentary record from Flathead Lake, northwest Montana, USA: Sedimentary Geology, v. 223, p. 61-74.

Portner, R.A., Hendrix, M.S., Stalker, J.C., Miggins, D.P., Sheriff, S.D., 2011, Sedimentary response to orogenic exhumation in the northern Rocky Mountain Basin and Range province, Flint Creek basin, west-central Montana, Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, v. 48, p. 1131-1153.


I am currently a member of the Geological Society of American and the American Association of Petroleum Geologists.

Professional Experience

1991                      Summer Professional Geologist, Arco Alaska, Inc., Anchorage, AK.  Integrated over 40 years worth of surface outcrop and subsurface well data of Cretaceous strata within the central North Slope in preparation for three upcoming lease sales.


1989                      Summer Professional Geologist,  BP-America, Houston, TX.  Evaluated controls on porosity, permeability, and production within Lower Permian Council Grove Group shallow gas plays, Oklahoma Panhandle.


1987                      Summer Professional GeoscientistArco Oil and Gas Co., Midland, TX.  Conducted regional subsurface mapping study of Pennsylvanian-Permian Minnelusa Formation within the Powder River Basin, Wyoming.

International Experience

From 1988 to 1999, I conducted field work annually in western China and Mongolia.  More recently, I have directed a collaborative B.S. degree program among The University of Montana, Potsdam University (Germany) and University College Cork (Ireland).  This program includes a dual B.S. degree in International Field Geosciences between UM and Potsdam University and a joint B.S. degree between UM and University College Cork.


field work, fishing, gardening, hiking