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Undergraduate Advising

First, if you have a quick question check the FAQ’s on this website for an answer. Otherwise, you can meet with any advisor – you will not be assigned to a specific faculty member. Our current advisors are:

You can show up at their office hours, or you can schedule an appointment via e-mail. Two weeks prior to advanced registration, each advisor will have a sign-up sheet on their door for advising meetings. Again, you can go to any advisor with an opening that fits your schedule.

Undergraduate Degrees and Requirements

The UM Department of Geosciences offers three degrees.

1. B.S. in Geosciences

This is the primary degree in geosciences and the one recommended for most students. This degree offers the best opportunities for employment and the best preparation for graduate school in geosciences.

Our courses are divided into two tracks. You can graduate with any mixture of courses from the two tracks. You are in fact encouraged to take some courses from both tracks. However, it is best to concentrate your courses in one track or the other based on your future plans for employment or interests for further study in graduate school.

  • Geology track
    These courses focus on the solid earth. Classes focus on topics such as rocks and minerals, earth history, and mountain building. Employment sectors in this area include mining, oil and gas industry.
  • Climate and environment track
    These courses focus on the earth’s surface, water and climate. Classes focus on topics such as rivers, surface and groundwater, snow and ice, and climate change.  Employment opportunities exist doing environmental consulting and hydrology with government agencies and private companies.


2. B.S. in International Field Geosciences

This program offers duel degrees from UM and universities in Germany and Ireland.

For more information, please visit the International Field Geosciences website.

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