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Bridge River Archaeological Project

Bridge River Project Data


Bridge River 2013 Final Report, NEH Grant RZ-51287-11 (PDF)

Interim Report, NEH Grant RZ-51287-11, April 30. 2013  Download PDF

Report of the 2009 University of Montana Investigations at the Bridge River Site (EeRI4)

Report of the 2008 University of Montana Inviestigations at the Bridge River Site (EerI4)


(All Excel Documents)

2008 BR Lithics

2008 BR Lithics HP 54 Debitage

2008 BR Lithics HP 54 Tools

2008 Faunal Data

2009 BR Lithic Debitage

2009 BR Lithic Tools

2009 BR Faunal Data

2012  BR HP 54 Faunal Database 

2012  BR HP 54 Lithics Floor, Final Report, II from XVI Removed  Download Excel document

2013  BR HP 54 Roof Data,  Download Excel document

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