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Recent Graduates

M.A. Graduates -- Class of 2014

Kayla Blackman

Thesis Title: "Public Power, Private Matters: The American Social Hygiene Association and the Policing of Sexual Health in the Progressive Era"

Committee: Anya Jabour (chair); Kyle G. Volk; Sara Hayden (Communication Studies)

Ph.D. Graduates – Class of 2013

Ian Stacy

Dissertation Title: "The Last Conservationist: Floyd Dominy and Federal Reclamation Policy in the American West"

Committee: Dan Flores (chair); Tobin Shearer; Kyle G. Volk; Sara Dant (Weber State University); Nancy Cook (English)

Placement: Tenure-Track Assistant Professor, Department of History, Whatcom Community College (Bellingham, WA)

M.A. Graduates – Class of 2013

Michael Dax

Thesis Title: "Grizzly West: The Story of the Failed Attempt to Reintroduce Grizzly Bears to the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness"

Committee: Dan Flores (chair); Jeff Wiltse; Michael Patterson (Forestry)

Sydney R. Gwinn

Thesis Title: Conspicuous Consumption: Germs and Climate Cures in Denver, CO, 1882-1915

Committee: Dan Flores (chair); Kyle G. Volk; Kelly Dixon (Anthropology)

Dylan Huisken

Thesis Title: "'We Have Found the Native Tongue Indispensable': Missionary Interactions with the Dakota Language, 1834-1893"

Committee: Jeff Wiltse (chair); Dan Flores; David Beck (NAS)

Placement: Teaching Secondary Education

Ph.D. Graduates - Class of 2012

David J. Brooks

Dissertation Title:"Restoring the 'Shining Waters:' Milltown, Montana and the History of Superfund Implementation"

Committee: Dan Flores (chair); Jeff Wiltse; Jody Pavilack; Tobin Shearer; Nancy Cook (English)

Placement: Executive Vice President, Heritage Research Center (Missoula, MT)

M.A. Graduates - Class of 2012

Cody D. Ewert

Thesis Title:"Lessons in Loyalty: American Patriotism and Education in the Progressive Era"

Committee: Kyle G. Volk (chair); Anya Jabour; Jeff Wiltse; Tracy Steffes (Education & History, Brown University)

Placement: New York University, Doctoral Program in History

Heather A. Mulliner

Thesis Title:"Between The Lines: Friendship, Love, and Marriage in the Progressive-Era Correspondence of Robert Line and Louise Chapman"

Committee: Anya Jabour (chair); Jeff Wiltse; Jill Bergman (English)

Placement: New York University, Masters Program in Archives & Public History

2012 MA graduates

Bennett G. Sherry

Thesis Title:"King of Kings: Human Rights Rhetoric and Regional Security in the Shah’s Iran, 1968-1978"

Committee: Tobin Shearer (chair); Robert H. Greene; Richard Drake; Mehrdad Kia (Anthropology)
Placement: University of Pittsburg, Doctoral Program in History

Virginia L. Summey

Thesis Title:"Gender, Justice, and Jim Crow: North Carolina Judge Elreta Alexander in the Long Civil Rights Era"

Committee: Anya Jabour (chair); Tobin Shearer; Eduardo Capulong (Law School)

Placement: University of North Carolina, Greensboro, Doctoral Program in History

Nicholas R. Van Hole

Thesis Title:"Shared Consciousness: A Social History of Tourette Syndrome and its Treatment"

Committee: Jeff Wiltse (chair); Richard Drake; Sarah Certel (DBS)

Randall Williams

Professional Paper Titles:" ‘Prime Mover’: The Boone and Crockett Club and the Bear-Cattle Wars of Kodiak Island"; "The Sportsmen’s Press and the Politics of Anti-Sovereignty"

Advisor: Dan Flores

Placement: University of Montana, Doctoral Program in History

Ph.D. Graduates - Class of 2011

Molly Varley

Dissertation Title: "Strange Vicissitudes: The Memory of Uses of Indian Captivity in the Progressive Era"

Committee: Dan Flores (chair); Anya Jabour; Jeff Wiltse; Angelica Lawson (NAS); Nancy Cook (English)

Placement: Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of History & Political Science, Meredith College (Raleigh, NC)

M.A. Graduates - Class of 2011

Aaron Hyams

Thesis Title: "Fifty Years on the Fringe: Murray Bookchin and the American Revolutionary Traditions, 1921-1971"

Committee: Michael Mayer (chair); Dan Flores; Ramona Grey (Political Science)

Placement: Marquette University, Doctoral Program in History

Ahnie Litecky

Thesis Title: "Dwellers Between: Yup'ik Shamans and Cultural Change in Western Alaska"

Committee: Dan Flores (chair); Michael Mayer; Anna Prentiss (Anthropology)

Elizabeth Ryan

Thesis Title: "We Thought We Should Do Something Ourselves': Citizen Participation and the Denver Model Cities Program"

Committee: Michael Mayer (chair); Kyle G. Volk; Jon Tompkins (Political Science)

Zoe Ann Stoltz

Thesis Title: "Camping to Permanence: Montana's History of Mobile and Manufactured Home Use"

Committee: Jeff Wiltse (chair); Dan Flores; Jon Axline

Placement: Montana Historical Society, Reference Historian

Ph.D. Graduates - Class of 2010

Greg Gordon

Dissertation Title: "Money Does Grow on Trees: A. B. Hammond and the Age of the Timber Baron"

Committee: Dan Flores (chair), David Emmons, Jeff Wiltse, Richard Drake, Jill Belsky (Society & Conservation)

Placement: Lecturer, Environmental Studies Program, Gonzaga University (Spokane, WA)

Greg Gordon and Rudolfo Villarreal-Rios

Rodolfo Villarreal-Rios

Dissertation Title: "Independent Internationalism in Practice: Diplomatic Relations Between the United States and Mexico from 1919 to 1929"

Committee: Michael S. Mayer (chair), Jody Pavilack, Maria Jose Bustos Fernandez (MCLL), David Aronofsky

Placement: Columnist and Adjunct College Teaching

Nicholas C. P. Vrooman

Dissertation Title: "Infinity Nation: The Métis in North American History"

Committee: Dan Flores (chair), Bill Farr, Jody Pavilack, Harry Fritz, Jeff Gritzner (Geography)

Placement: Independent Writer

MA Graduates - Class of 2010

Leif Frederickson

Thesis Title: "Still Blue: An Environmental History of Flathead Lake"

Committee: Dan Flores (chair), Jeff Wiltse, Martin Nie (Society & Conservation)

Placement: University of Virginia, Doctoral Program in History

David Keightley

Thesis Title: "A New Life in Montana: The Laotian Hmong–their History, Culture, and American Journey"

Committee: Michael Mayer (chair), Harry Fritz, Steve Levine (Mansfield Center)

Erica Stukel Probst

Thesis Title: "Joseph Dixon and the Bull Moose Campaign of 1912"

Committee: Michael Mayer (chair), Harry Fritz, Jon Tompkins (Political Science)

Placement: Teaching Secondary Education

Ian Smith

Thesis Title: "From Subsistence to Dependence: The Legacy of Reclamation and Allotment on Quechan Indian Lands, 1700-1940"

Committee: Dan Flores (chair), Jeff Wiltse, David Beck (Native American Studies)

Placement: Research Historian, Historical Research Associates (HRA), Missoula, MT

Rueben Swindall

Thesis Title: "Fierce Flames and the Golden Lotus: Case Studies on the Madness and Creativity Connection"

Committee: Richard Drake (chair), Robert H. Greene, Marton Marko (MCLL)

Placement: Teaching Secondary Education

Melissa Thomasma

Thesis Title: "The Lawmen Faced the Outlaws, No Badge Upon a Breast: Historical Memory and the Legacy of Henry Plummer and the Montana Vigilantes"

Committee: Dan Flores (chair), Ken Lockridge, Louis Hayes (Political Science)

MA Graduates - Class of 2009

Anna Amundson

Thesis Title: "Sentimental Journey?: The Immigrant Experience of World War II – Era War Brides in Montana"

Committee: Mike Mayer (chair), Jeff Wiltse, Janet Finn (Social Work)

Placement: Florida State University, Doctoral Program in History

Shawn Bailey

Thesis Title: "Colonization of the Crown: Hunting, Class, and the Creation of Glacier National Park, 1885–1915"

Committee: Dan Flores (chair), Jeff Wiltse, Jeffrey Gritzner (Geography)

Placement: University of Montana, Doctoral Program in History

Milena Oganesyan

Thesis Title: "James A. Baker III and Eduard Shevardnadze: The Story of the Madrid Peace Conference of 1991"

Committee: Michael Mayer (chair), Paul G. Lauren, Mark Johnson (Mansfield Center)

Leslie Weidow

Thesis Title: "Montana Zion: American Communalism in a Mormon Fundamentalist Community"

Committee: Dan Flores (chair), Kyle G. Volk, David L. Moore (English)

MA Graduates - Class of 2008

Peter Aagaard

Thesis Title: "The Rewilding of New York´s North Country: Beavers, Moose, Canines, and the Adirondacks"

Committee: Dan Flores (chair), Jeff Wiltse, Paul Krausman (Wildlife Biology)

Placement: Teaching Secondary Education

Doris Swann Avery

Thesis Title: "Into the Den of Evils: The Genizaros in Colonial New Mexico"

Committee: Dan Flores (chair), Jody Pavilack, David Beck (Native American Studies)

Margaret Caldwell

Thesis Title: "Antonio Fogazzaro and the Development of Liberal Catholicism in Modern Italy"

Committee: Richard Drake (chair), Robert H. Greene, Paul Dietrich (Liberal Studies)

Andrew Endorf

Thesis Title: "British Foreign Policy Under Canning"

Committee: John Eglin (chair), Linda Frey, Louis Hayes (Political Science)

Katie Green

Thesis Title: "The Mirror of Nature: Chesapeake Perceptions of Wilderness, 1650–1787"

Committee: Dan Flores (chair), Kyle G. Volk, Phil Condon (Environmental Studies)

Peter Olsen

Thesis Title: "Mistaken in the Man: The Life, Death, and Estate Trial of John McClellan"

Committee: Harry Fritz (chair), Dan Flores, Jeff Greene (Political Science)

Rodolfo Villarreal-Rios

Thesis Title: "Independent Internationalism and Nationalistic Pragmatism: The United States and Mexico Relations During the 1920s"

Committee: Michael S. Mayer (chair), Jody Pavilack, Maria Jose Bustos Fernandez (MCLL)

Placement: University of Montana, Doctoral Program in History

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