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Lockridge History Workshop

Ken Lockridge

Named to honor Professor Ken Lockridge, the Lockridge History Workshop meets at least five times each semester and serves as a venue for graduate students, faculty, alumni, and visiting scholars to present works in progress. Articles, chapters, and research proposals are welcome. All papers are pre-circulated, and the format is an open discussion. The sessions provide the department with a venue for intellectual exchange and afford presenters the opportunity to receive valuable, constructive, and friendly feedback on their research and writing projects. The workshop generally meets in the History Seminar Room (LA 250) on Friday afternoons for 1 ½ hours with refreshments provided. Please join us!

Fall Semester 2013

9/6 – Dan Flores, Hammond Professor of Western History, UM

“Coyote America: A Natural and Supernatural History”

9/20 – Kayla Blackman, MA Student, UM

“‘Violent Alterations’: Indoctrination and Incarceration in the Journal of Social Hygiene, 1914-1919”

10/4 – Sam Rostad, PhD Student, University of Notre Dame

 “Skipping a Grade? Black Monks and the Arts Course at Medieval Oxbridge, c. 1300-1500”

10/18 – Jon Hall, PhD Candidate, UM

“‘Dogs of Character’ and ‘Curs of Low Degree’: A Canine Conundrum in the Early Republic”

11/1 - Pat O'Connor, PhD Student, UM

"A Dangerous Nuisance: Anti-Spitting Ordinances, Public Health, and Personal Liberty, 1880-1920"

11/15 - Thomas Andrews, University of Colorado, Boulder

"Animals and the Plight of the Five Civilized Tribes: How Pigs, Deerskins, and Horses Unsettled the Southern Backcountry, 1600s-1830s"

Spring Semester 2014

2/7 – Sorn Jessen, MA Student, UM

"American Dreams, July 4, 1865"

2/21 – Jeff Meyer, MA Student, UM

"Towed and Lifted: Mechanized Ski Areas in America's National Parks"

3/7 – Randall Williams, PhD Candidate, UM

"Hunting as Breadwinning: Food, Family, and Performative Provisioning in Modern America"

3/21 – Cathleen Cahill, Associate Professor of History, University of New Mexico

"Indians on the Road: Native Mobility, Modernity, and Regional Identity at the Turn of the 20th Century"

4/18 – Tobin Shearer, Associate Professor of History, UM

"An Innocent Exchange: The Fresh Air Movement and the Boundaries of Racial Negotiation, 1939-1979"

Fundraising Effort

The History Department currently is seeking financial support for this workshop. If you are interested in honoring Professor Lockridge and supporting our intellectual community, please contact Professor Kyle G. Volk.

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