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Faculty in the Department of History

Faculty Image Richard Drake

Professor of History


Modern European Social, Cultural, and Intellectual History; Italian History; Terrorism; Contemporary Europe; Historiography; Modern American Foreign Policy

Faculty Image John Eglin

Professor of History


Early Modern European History, particularly Great Britain; Cultural History

Faculty Image Linda S. Frey

Professor of History


Early Modern European History, particularly France and Germany; International Law and the International State System; The French Revolution

Faculty Image Robert H. Greene

Associate Professor of History; Chair of the History Department


Cultural and Social History of Russia and the Soviet Union; Religious History

Faculty Image Anya Jabour

Professor of History; Co-Director, Women & Gender Studies


United States Social, Political, and Cultural History; Women, Family, Gender, and Sexuality; The American South; Progressive Era and New Deal

Faculty Image Mehrdad Kia

Professor of History; Director, Central and Southwest Asian Studies Center


Middle Eastern History; Central Asia; Islamic Civilization

Faculty Image Michael Mayer

Professor of History


United States since 1945; History of American Law; U.S. Civil Rights Movement; Post-World War II American Culture

Faculty Image Jody Pavilack

Associate Professor of History


Modern Latin American History; Social, Cultural, and Political History; Labor; Historical Memory

Faculty Image Tobin Miller Shearer

Associate Professor of History; Director of African-American Studies


African-American History; Race; Religious History

Faculty Image Kyle G. Volk

Associate Professor of History; Director of Undergraduate Studies


US Political, Legal, Social, & Intellectual History; Civil Rights & Civil Liberties; Public Policy & the American State

Faculty Image Jeff Wiltse

Associate Professor of History; Director of Graduate Studies


Modern American Social and Cultural History; Public Space and Public Life

Visiting Faculty

Faculty Image Bradley Naranch

Visiting Assistant Professor of History


Modern Europe; transnational/global/international (TGI).

Emeriti Faculty

George Dennison

Past President of the University of Montana; Professor Emeritus of History

David Emmons

Professor Emeritus of History

William E. Farr

Professor Emeritus of History; Associate Director, Center for the Rocky Mountain West

Dan Flores

A.B. Hammond Professor Emeritus of Western History

Harry Fritz

Professor Emeritus of History

Paul Gordon Lauren

Regents Professor Emeritus of History

Ken Lockridge

Professor Emeritus of History

Frederick Skinner

Professor Emeritus of History

Research Faculty

Ted Catton

Associate Research Professor

Diane Krahe

Faculty Affiliate

Steven I. Levine

Research Faculty Associate

Associated Faculty

Hayden Ausland


David Beck

Professor of Native American Studies

Richmond Clow


Wade Davies

Associate Professor

Ardeshir Kia

Associate Director, Central and Southwest Asia Program

George Price


College of Humanities and Sciences at the University of Montana

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