GPHY 141S (GEOG 103S) Geography of World Regions 3 cr. Offered autumn and spring. An overall view of how the lands and peoples of the world are organized into coherent geographical regions, how landscapes differ from region to region, and how the people differ in terms of their traits, beliefs, ways of life, and economic livelihood.

NRSM 170 (RSCN 170) International Environmental Change 3 cr.
Offered spring. An introduction to natural and anthropogenic environmental change from ancient to contemporary times. Exploration of the historical role and importance of ecological disturbance on the development and maintenance of terrestrial ecosystems around the world. Introduction to fields of study available in the College of Forestry and Conservation.

COMX 251X International and Development Communication 3 cr.
Offered yearly. International Communication is concerned with information exchange across national borders while Development Communication focuses on the historical, current, and prospective role of communication technologies in social change, improving living conditions, and enhancing life prospects-mainly in developing countries.

ECON 217X (ECON 350) Economic Development 3 cr.
Offered intermittently. Prereq., ECNS 201S (ECON 111S). Study of the processes of economic growth and development in the less developed world.

SOCI 270 (SOC 270) Introduction to Development Sociology 3 cr.
Offered autumn. Introduction to sociological perspectives on international development, globalization, and sustainability. Rural and environmental issues emphasized.

ANTY 349 (ANTH 329) Social Change in Non-Western Societies 3 cr. Offered intermittently. Prereq., ANTY 220S (ANTH 220S) or consent of instr. Study of the processes of change, modernization and development.

SOCI 371 (SOC 370S) Gender and Global Development 3 cr.
Offered every other year. Prereq. SOCI 101S (SOC 110S). Same as WGS 360. Intermediate level perspectives on colonization, international development, and globalization, with an emphasis on gender issues and impacts.

SW 323 Women and Social Action in the Americas 3 cr.
Offered intermittently. Prereq., one of SW 100, SOCI 101S (SOC 110S), or ANTY 101H (ANTH 101H) or consent of instr. Same as WS 323. Focus on women’s experiences of and contributions to social change in North, South and Central America in the mid to late-20th century. Through case studies, testimonials, discussions with activists and Internet connections examine social constructions of gender, compare forms of social action in diverse cultural, political and historical contexts, link practice to theories of social participation, and reflect on lessons learned from women’s experiences.

ECNS 450 (ECON 450) Advanced Topics in Economic Development 3 cr.
Offered intermittently. Prereq., ECNS 201S and ECNS 202S (ECON 111S and 112S), or consent of instructor. Advanced treatment of the processes of economic growth and development in the less developed world.

ENST 487 (EVST 487) Globalization, Justice, and the Environment 3 cr.
Offered spring. Study of current trends in economic globalization and its effects on efforts to work for social justice and environmental sustainability, particularly in the Global South. Examination of different models and theories of globalization, analysis of ethical issues raised, and assessment of alternatives proposed.

NRSM 424 (RSCN 424) Community Forestry and Conservation 3 cr.
Offered spring. Co-convened with NRSM 424. In-depth examination of the history, theory and management issues faced in community-driven forestry and conservation in the United States and abroad. Cannot get credit for both NRSM 424 and NRSM 524

NRSM 475 Environment and Development 3 cr.
Offered spring. Examines key social forces that influence how individuals, groups and nation-states understand and live within their bio-physical environments, especially policies and processes relating to development, corporate capitalism, globalization, culture, class and other forms of power and social relations. Pays close attention to ways both indigenous and introduced resource use and management practices (including conservation) variably impact people of different races, classes, genders, cultures and livelihood practices.

PSCI 431 Politics of Global Migration 3 cr.
Prereq., junior standing or consent of instr. Exploration of the elective and forced migration of peoples within countries and across national boundaries. Geographical coverage includes Asia, North and Central America, Africa, and Europe. Attention to policy and gender issues surrounding economic and political migration.

PSCI 463 Development Administration 3 cr.
Offered autumn. Prereq., junior standing or consent of instr. Study of the functions and processes of public administration in the Third World. Focus on alleviating poverty and underdevelopment. Includes project design and development planning activities.

RECM 451 (RECM 451) Tourism and Sustainability 3 cr.
Offered spring. Prereq., PTRM 210 (RECM 210), or consent of instructor. Theories and conceptual models are applied to analyzing relationships between the integration of planning theories to sustainability concepts.

SW 465 Social Work in a Global Context 3 cr.
Offered spring even-numbered years. Prereq., upper-division or graduate standing. Examination of globalization, human rights, poverty, international aid, and gender issues; their relationship to social work and social justice, and strategies for action.