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Certificate of Accomplishment in English as a Second Language

Download the ESL Certificate Application form

The Linguistics Program offers a 22-credit-hour program of study leading to a Certificate of Accomplishment in Teaching English as a Second Language. The Certificate is issued by the University upon the recommendation of the Linguistics Program and the Faculty Senate.


The Certificate is open to currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students in any discipline, as well as post-baccalaureate students.


Students must take the following  5 courses (13 credits)

LING 470

Linguistic Analysis

(3 credits)

LING 471

Phonetics and Phonology 

(3 credits)

LING 472

Generative Syntax 

(3 credits)

LING 480

Teaching EFL

(3 credits)

LING 491

ESL Practicum

(1 credit)*

Students must take 1 of the following  2 courses (3 credits)

LING 477


(3 credits)

LING 478

Second Language Development 

(3 credits)

Students must take any 2 of the following  courses (6 credits)

LING 466

Pedagogical Grammar

(3 credits)

LING 473

Language and Culture

(3 credits)

LING 476

Child Language Acquisition

(3 credits)

LING 477


(3 credits)

LING 478

Second Language Development **

(3 credits)

LING 481

The ESL Professional

(3 credits)

LING 489


(3 credits)

* Students in the School of Education pursuing an ESL Minor take this course for 3 credits.

** If not taken as a required course.

With the exception of LING 491 (ESL Practicum), courses taken for Certificate credit may not be taken on a credit/no credit basis.

Non-native speakers of English may have to take an English competency examination.

Additional Information

For additional information regarding the Certificate of Accomplishment in English as a Second Language, contact Dr. Tully Thibeau.

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