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Mathematical Sciences
Spring 2014 Seminar Timetable
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April 21-25
Colloquium (600)
Nate McCrady
Department of Physics & Astronomy
3:10 pm
Math 103
Math Education (504)
Matt Roscoe
Matt Roscoe
“PISA Under Examination: Changing Knowledge, Changing Tests and Changing Schools – Chapter 2”
11:10 am
Math 306
Applied Math (610) & Statistics (640)
Emily Stone & Brian Steele
Jack Nunberg, Ph.D.
Montana Biotechnology Center
"Does the surface (envelope) protein of arenaviruses cluster on the cell surface to define sites for virus assembly and budding: spatial distribution of immunogold-labeled envelope protein as viewed by scanning electron microscopy"
3:10 pm
Math 211
Algebra (620)
Nikolaus Vonessen
Greg St. George
"Remarks on the History of things Elliptic"
4:10 pm
Math 211
C & O (680)
Cory Palmer
Michael Phillips
"EKR for partitions, continued"
3:10 pm
Math 108
Analysis (650)
Karel Stroethoff
Karel Stroethoff
4:10 pm
Math 311
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