Undergraduate Degree requirements

The Chinese program offers a minor; given the exponential growth in the global importance of China as an economic and strategic power now taking place, we hope to expand this to a major within the next couple of years. The requirements for the minor are as follows: two years of Chinese, the Chinese Culture and Civilization course, plus two Chinese literature/culture courses. Students may substitute an approved China-centered course offered by another department for one of the two literature classes.

The first- and second-year language courses are both two semesters in length, and the classes meet five days a week for fifty minutes each time. At present , we have two sections of first-year Chinese and one of second year. Students are also required to spend two hours a week listening to tapes and audio CDs of the current lesson. The four semesters of language each carry six credits.

In addition to language courses, the program also offers several three credit courses in Chinese literature and civilization. Some are designated as undergraduate writing courses and can also be used to fulfill the non-western course requirement. All the readings for these courses are in English and there is no Chinese language requirement or any other prerequisites.Current offerings are as follows: Traditional Chinese Literature in Translation, Classical Chinese Poetry in Translation, Chinese Folktales, Chinese Culture and Civilization, and Twentieth Century Chinese Literature.

Please see the Course Listings page for a complete list of classes offered.